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Emergency 24hr drainage services Southampton

Are you looking for the best emergency 24hr drainage services in Southampton? Then look no further than NO 1 PHD. We are your best option for all your emergency drain needs. We offer services from plumbing, heating and drainage with the highest level of expertise as well as the best affordable price you can find.  

We offer an emergency 24hr drainage service in Southampton as we understand that blockages in a drain can occur at any time. That is exactly why our team is always a call away from being at your door to service you! We have a team of professionals who are highly trained and even have accreditation to prove that they are the best at what they do. You can rest assured that your problems regarding your drain will be handled quickly and effectively! 

We have the skill, the staff, and the privilege to serve you anywhere in Southampton! Give us a call at 08006906777 or email us at for any enquiries regarding your blocked drain and our emergency 24hr drainage services in Southampton.  

Your Trusted emergency 24hr drainage service in Southampton 

No1 PHD is a fully accredited company that deals with all your plumbing, heating and drainage needs! We are ready to service you wherever you are in Southampton with our emergency 24h drainage services. It’s simple to see why you should come to us when you consider our extensive experience and high-quality workmanship. Our team of specialists at No 1 PHD are thoroughly trained and accredited, and we have what it takes to provide a service that is incomparable. We ensure that we’ll get your drain working properly in no time! 

We are more than confident that you will find the best quality of work from our team members. That is not a bold claim; rather, we completely guarantee it! We don’t only have the best workers, but we also use the best tools and materials for our drain services. In addition, we get all our materials from trustworthy local suppliers. We also carry out all of our work under rigorous quality guidelines. As a result, you can rest assured that when you choose No 1 PHD for our emergency 24hr drainage service in Southampton, your drain is in excellent hands! 

To restate what was previously mentioned, we are a UK based company that specialises in plumbing, heating and draining services. Here at No1 PHD, we assure you the best emergency 24hr drainage service in Southampton for your blocked drain! We are only a call away, and when you call us for any emergency drain blockage, we will be there as soon as possible! 

No1 PHD’s Emergency 24hr Drainage Service 

Waterworks are some of the most unnoticed functions in households. Water that is clean and ready to be used flows in, and dirty water gets drained out. In the most troubling circumstances that something does go wrong, then every bit of proper water function becomes completely hindered and stops your day completely. Unwanted flooding and backflow of water in your drain can occur or, even the worst of all occurrences, which are complete drain blockages that might come with terrible smells and odours! When a blockage happens in your drain, you often can’t use anything in your house; unable to use the sink, cannot flush the toilet, or can’t work a dishwasher or a washing machine. 

However, when something like that happens, you needn’t worry! Because we here at No1 PHD guarantee our Southampton clients emergency 24hr drainage services that sort out any drain related problems as soon as possible. You only have to give us a call, and we are more than ready to be right there at your doorstep in Southampton! 

When you give us a call, our team of accredited and certified experts will head straight your way to unblock those troubling drains to save your house from bad smells and flooding! We will come to your door to assess the situation and what needs to be done free of charge. We also offer estimates on how much it would cost to clear the drain and repair any damages. Since drain blockages can happen at any time, we understand that not every time is the most manageable for upfront payment, and that’s why we have multiple payment options to best accommodate our clients.  

Our Emergency 24hr drainage services, Southampton clients, are the best around! Our trained, accredited, and expert team members guarantee you the most satisfactory and timely service possible! Keep on reading to find out more about drain problems that you might face and how to stop or prevent them until we arrive at your aid! 

 What Are the Signs of a Blocked Drain  

It’s important to be timely when asking for help regarding a blocked drain before it turns into a disaster. To be quick and tactful, you should know how to notice the following blocked drain signs.  

Slow run-offs are when you remove the plug from your bath or sink, and you may find that the water takes longer to drain than usual, presenting you with a long wait to clean it out. This happens as debris builds up in the pipes, limiting the exit point for the water and extending the time it takes to complete the operation. 

Another troubling blocked drain sign is bad smells. Debris build-up, particularly old food pieces, may cause bad odours to come from your drains as they decompose. You would be surprised as decomposition happens quickly, leading to awful smells. Unless you act quickly to solve the situation, you may find flies gathered near exposed drains or even pests such as rats beginning to show up. 

In addition, a common sign of a blocked drain is a higher water level in your toilet. This can indicate that the pipes don’t drain properly. Water is released into the toilet bowl during a flush to take up any organic debris before being pushed down the wastewater pipe. If the water level does not return to a normal, relatively low level after a flush, you may have a drain blockage. 

Lastly, a blocked drain sign that might be hard to pick up on is the presence of odd noises and sounds coming from water lines and pipes. Pipes are usually designed downwards to help flow the water with gravity. But when water is not flowing properly and is stuck and not moving in your pipes, it slowly trickles and seeps through obstructions, creating strange noises. If you hear particularly loud gurgles, bubbling sounds, or trickling noises when there shouldn’t be any, you may be experiencing the early signs of a drain blockage forming, and it’s worth checking out as soon as possible. 


What To Do In Case Of Blocked Drain

We at No1 PHD are always ready to service you directly with our emergency 24hr drainage service in Southampton as we are only a call away! However, before taking this step, we need to do some investigating. Trying to find out the reason for the blockage that you are having is the first step. If the bathtub drain is being blocked, there might be stands of long hair that have plugged up the hole. Moreover, clumps of hair can cause even more hair to pile up or bits of soap, tissue paper, or dirt that can wash off you. Although the hair that has accumulated can cause your drain to block, it is still easily handled by pulling them out with your finger or something that can hook them out. Just tossing those hairs away sometimes resolves the problem entirely and completely.  

After you have tried these simple solutions and have found no results, that’s when you know it’s time for the experts to lend you a helping hand. Our drain specialists have all of the qualifications necessary to fully comprehend how your plumbing systems operate, as well as all of the specialised tools and equipment required for this job. Southampton clients, our emergency 24hr drainage services are all you’re going to need when faced with a drain problem bigger than you can handle! 

With our services, we can clear pipes to a far deeper depth than you can, analyse the blockage to figure out where it is and why it keeps reforming, and even utilise a drain camera or closed-circuit television (CCTV) to see inside a pipe to see what’s going on. 

Various Types of Drain Problems We Deal With 

Here at No1 PHD, we have plenty of different services; even drain related services vary with the type of drain situation and or blockage. Our expert team members are here to ensure your drain is clear and easily has water pass through.  Different types of problems with your drain require different services and different types of equipment found in our emergency 24hr drainage services in Southampton.  

Some drain blockages are caused by large quantities of fat that have accumulated with hair, tissue paper and other material that happen to build up inside your drain pipes. We call these large bodies of fat fatbergs, and it is important to note that they are not caused by people; rather it is caused by the flushing of oils and fats down the drain. People assume that it’s safe to flush oils if they follow up with a flush of boiling water. While this may protect their pipes specifically, the oils and fats often cool down fast enough to solidify in a different drain pipe which eventually causes the fatbergs. 

At NO1 PHD, our experts have access to the best equipment for the job! The tool that allows us to take a better look at your drain pipes is our CCTV Drain camera. If any foreign objects such as keys or jewellery were flushed by accident, then they can be retrieved without having to break open the drain pipes. 

Other problems might be due to the drain pipes themselves rather than blockages. The pipes’ integrity may be checked for cracks, erosion, and other problems that can be addressed before they become serious problems by totally breaking. Pipes can also be relined to ensure that they continue to function quickly and efficiently over time, especially if they are showing signs of wear. 

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Are you in need of emergency 24hr drainage services in Southampton? Then we here at No1 PHD are exactly what you need. We offer plumbing, heating, and drain services with the highest level of expertise and professionalism out there. We are also sure that you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth with the best quality service! We have a team of experts that are ready to be right at your doorstep after a simple call. Drain blockages or flooding can happen at any time, and that’s why we are always prepared!  

If you need emergency drain services, then be quick to call 08006906777, and our team of experts will be at your doorstep in no time! You can also reach us through email at for any enquiries regarding our emergency 24hr drainage services in Southampton for your blocked drain.   

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For days, we’ve noticed a foul smell coming from outside and a gurgling sound coming from one of the drains. Whenever it would rain, the area around it would flood slightly and take ages to drain. We tried buying drain unblockers, but none seemed effective. Eventually, we turned to No 1 PHD and were left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

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