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Central Heating Power Flushes

Sludge, rust and corrosion can build up and clog the inside of older radiators and central heating pipes. As the hot water is not able to flow through the system easily, your boiler has to work harder to heat the rooms. This puts a strain on the boiler and it uses more fuel to operate pushing up your heating bills. A power flush washes away the internal debris leaving you with a heating system that works much more effectively. A radiator cleanse is carried out by experienced professions like No1PHD using specialist equipment and chemical cleansers. It only takes a few hours and no mess is created by the procedure. To get rid of cold areas on your radiators, to stop excessive noise coming from the boiler and to lower your fuel bills, consider power flushing your central heating system.

How to Tell if a Power Flush is Needed

How do you know if your central heating would benefit from internal cleansing? Here are a few of the signs to look out for. You could be experiencing one or all of these problems with an old or relatively new system.

  • The boiler shuts down frequently and needs to be restarted
  • There are cold spots at the bottom of the radiators
  • Radiators need bleeding more often
  • Bangs can be heard from the boiler
  • The heat takes longer to reach the radiators than it used to
  • Pipes are hot but the radiators don’t warm up
  • You are experiencing regular heating break-downs

These are all things that signal your heating system is not working efficiently and could benefit from a professional power flush. The removal of rust and sludge will make a considerable difference to the way your heating works.

How Often is a Power Flush Needed?

If your central heating has been regularly maintained, a power flush is only needed approximately every 5 years. Heating that has had other faults, such as problems when air has accessed the system, might require an earlier power cleanse if rust has developed inside the pipes and radiators.

You should be advised to have a system flush when you have a brand new boiler fitted. A power flush should always be carried out at the same time to stop debris from inside the original pipes being circulated into the new equipment. The cleansing process will protect your new boiler and make sure it gives you many years of trouble-free service.

What is Involved with a Heating Power Flush?

If you’re considering a professional power flush service, here’s what you can expect from No1PHD. Machinery designed especially for the job is used – the equipment is mess-free and unobtrusive. The correct amount of pressure is used, this is essential to prevent damage to the joints and boiler. Chemicals specifically created for the job cleans the inside of the pipes and radiators without corroding the metal. It takes between 4 and 6 hours, so around half a day, to carry out the procedure. An inspection is carried out after completion to ensure leaks have not occurred and to check that the boiler is working correctly after being restarted.


Should a Power Flush be Part of Regular Central Heating Maintenance?

Along with an annual service and radiator maintenance a regular power flush should be considered. It will keep your system working efficiently and help to reduce heating bills. A cared-for central heating system should last longer and need fewer repairs, so unexpected call-outs are reduced.

The Benefits of having a Professional Magna Cleanse

Older central heating systems can benefit considerably from an internal cleanse. It can prolong the life of the boiler, radiators and pipework by ensuring that the water travelling around the system is clean and free from damaging particles. With the internal water flowing more freely, the boiler is less strained and gas bills are reduced. No1PHD can advise and answer any of your concerns about this cleanse process.

When having a replacement boiler or new radiators installed, a jet flush will benefit the newly fitted parts. Adding new parts to a system that is full of rusted water is not advised – a power cleanse will ensure that everything will work cohesively together.

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