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Are you experiencing issues with your drains? Has a blockage brought everything to a grinding halt and left you with overflowing drains, unpleasant odours, and possible property damage to deal with? Tackling blocked drains needn’t be a challenge, not when you have access to high-pressure drain jetting equipment. At No1PHD, we swear by this approach and believe it to be the most efficient way of clearing and cleaning blocked drains quickly. 

Drain jetting is just one of the main drainage services we offer, so regardless of your need, we recommend getting in touch to see how we might be of assistance. We provide a fast and reliable service that’s hassle-free. We offer multiple payment options, helping you manage the cost of any emergency drainage services. And all drain jetting is carried out by a fully trained, vetted, and certified team for your peace of mind. To get started, call us on 0800 690 6777. 

The Number One Drain Jetting Specialists in Southampton 

Here at No1PHD, we’re immensely proud of our status as the number one drain jetting specialist in Southampton. As a company, we offer a diverse range of services spanning drainage, heating, and plumbing. Dealing with blocked drains is never a pleasant matter, which is why we aim to provide quick and effective solutions that are priced fairly. 

Contending with blocked drains is something that every property owner dreads, as it’s not a problem that can often be easily or quickly dealt with. Not without calling for professional assistance. And many property owners dread the inevitable costs that come with calling a drainage specialist. The good news is that not only do we price our services fairly, but we also charge no call-out fee. We don’t think you should have to pay for us just showing up. 

Plus, with multiple payment options available, paying out for drain jetting has never been more affordable. So, should the need for emergency repairs ever arise, make sure you have our number locked to your speed dial. 

Drainage Specialists You Can Trust 

We’re a team of drainage specialists you can trust, which is especially of comfort during these trying times. In light of the ongoing pandemic, we want our customers to know that we’re continuing to operate in a safe manner. We’re adhering to all government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19. 

Beyond this, we pride ourselves on being a team of drain jetting specialists that customers will happily recommend to friends and family. When you contact No1PHD to request help with your drains, you can trust that our drain jetting experts are all DBS-checked. They carry ID too, so you know who you’re letting into your home. Our operatives are all fully insured, vetted, and qualified, so customers can enjoy complete peace of mind. 

With No1PHD, you’re always dealing with trained professionals who remain committed to delivering a fast and friendly, hassle-free service. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed as our drain jetting professionals will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 


Benefits of Drain Jetting 

There are many benefits that set drain jetting firmly apart from drain rodding. These benefits include: 

  • Fast and Efficient 
  • Solves the Entire Problem 
  • Won’t Damage the Pipes 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Economical 

Drain rods were often used to prod and poke at the blockage. This process could take hours and often only proved somewhat effective. Add to this the fact that rods have limited reach, and they make for a considerably inefficient tool for unblocking drains. Drain jetting is fast and efficient, taking roughly an hour per manhole. It also provides a deep clean that no drain rod can match. 

In short, it solves the entire problem – often with drain rods, they push the blockage further down the pipe. Even if you manage to clear the worst part of the blockage, debris is left behind. This serves as the root cause and, if not dealt with, will quickly lead to another blockage. Drain jetting flushes the entire system, even descaling the pipes. Not one scrap of debris is left behind, not one trace of fat, oil, or grease (FOG). Even large objects, such as nappies and sanitary towels, will be quickly removed by the force of the water. 

Despite the force, however, your drains and pipes won’t be damaged. With drain rods, you’re relying on caustic chemicals that are highly corrosive. These chemicals are designed to destroy blockages but can also wear through the materials that make up the pipes and drains. This can lead to further problems such as additional blockages and the need for future drain repairs.  

These chemicals can also end up in rivers, the sea, etc., where they can prove harmful to aquatic and marine life. Drain jetting takes care of this as it requires no chemicals. Plus, because it’s fast and efficient, it’s a lot cheaper too. 

Why Choose Our Professional Drainage Specialists? 

Here at No1PHD, we take immense pride in being the go-to drainage specialist for domestic and commercial customers throughout the country. When faced with blocked drains, you might be tempted to tackle the problem yourself. Shop-bought chemicals are rarely 100% effective and harmful to the environment to boot. With No1PHD, provide a full range of drainage services under one roof. 

We possess state-of-the-art CCTV equipment to inspect your drains and cutting-edge high-pressure jetting equipment that’ll leave your drains completely clean and clear throughout. If you require drain repairs, we can handle these too. Our operators are the best at what they do and are committed to providing a fast and friendly, hassle-free service. As mentioned before, we charge no call-out fees and offer multiple payment options. 

Plus, all our operators carry ID, are DBS-checked, fully insured, vetted, and qualified for your peace of mind. Plus, with No1PHD, you’ll never pay over the odds to have your drains taken care of. 

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There’s nothing worse than being hampered by something unexpected and highly disruptive. Blocked drains tick both these boxes and any drainage issues can quickly put a damper on your day. Fortunately, you won’t have to struggle with blocked and potentially damaged drains alone, not when No1PHD are just a phone call away. We provide a fast and reliable response and a hassle-free drain jetting service – you won’t even need to worry about a call-out charge. 

No matter what issue might be plaguing your drains, from bothersome tree roots to a build-up of litter or sanitary products, you can count on our Southampton drainage team. If you would like to get in touch with No1PHD to discuss your drains and arrange a visit from a member of our team, call us today on 0800 690 6777. We’re available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Alternatively, complete our online contact form or email or 

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After noticing that the house was unusually cold, we found that the heating wasn’t coming on and that our hot water had also failed. We called the team at No 1 PHD who dispatched an engineer to investigate. After discovering that the culprit was a faulty boiler part, they ordered in a new part and got it fitted as quickly as possible. The guys were great, and we couldn’t be happier.

Mr Lincoln

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For days, we’ve noticed a foul smell coming from outside and a gurgling sound coming from one of the drains. Whenever it would rain, the area around it would flood slightly and take ages to drain. We tried buying drain unblockers, but none seemed effective. Eventually, we turned to No 1 PHD and were left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

Mrs Griffin

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