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Do you have a blocked waste pipe on your property? Do you require a dependable, relied on team to take care of this for you? If so, you have certainly concerned the best location because here at No1 PHD, we are the leading choice for clients in Accrington when it pertains to surveying and repairing blocked waste pipes.

Since our establishment, we have actually built up a wealth of understanding and routinely assist our faithful customer base with a range of plumbing problems, including blocked waste pipes. We will work rapidly to unclog your waste pipe and restore it to full working order so you can go back to your typical regular as rapidly as possible.

To find out more about how we can help you, or to engage our services concerning your blocked waste pipe, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. To speak with a member of our team straight, call us now on 0800 690 6777 and we will enjoy to assist.


What Can Cause a Blocked Waste pipe?

We deal with obstructed waste pipes all the time; the problem is a lot more common than many people realise. The simple truth is that the majority of people don’t provide their drains pipes a reservation, so long as they function typically. But there are bad practices that many of us fall under that can lead to obstructed waste pipes and an entire host of issues. The location of the blockage will typically dictate the cause, with outside drains prone to clogs triggered by litter, leaves, branches, and other debris. For waste pipes, the main offenders are usually: Foreign Things Nappies Tampons Face Wipes Cotton Wool Extreme Quantities of Toilet Tissue Even face and infant wipes that declare to be flushable ought to never be flushed, as some systems simply can not deal with them. Naturally, if you’re handling obstructed pipes in the kitchen, then food debris, fats, oils, and greases are most likely to blame. If it’s the shower or tub, you’re looking at hair and soap scum. Regardless of what triggered it, the result is the same, therefore too is the solution.

Why Get Your Blocked Waste Pipe Fixed?

It is essential to get your waste pipe fixed as soon as an issue is found. Your drains pipes and pipes play an important role in channelling wastewater (greywater) far from your home. Greywater is domestic wastewater that’s produced in households or office buildings from streams without faecal contamination.

A waste pipe differs from a soil pipe because a soil pipe deals with the discharge from toilets and bidets. Conversely, waste pipes deal with the discharge from showers, tubs, and sinks. Greywater isn’t completely pure and can still contain pathogens, though it does not consist of the solid matter or levels of bacteria present in stained water.

Greywater and soiled water will generally take a trip through their respective pipes, eventually converging on the same drain. While a blocked sewage pipe can have significant issues in regards to contamination, a blocked waste pipe postures less concern because regard.

Nevertheless, it can still be just as disruptive and damaging, specifically if the blockage results in your drain overflowing, dumping greywater all over your floorings and carpets. For that reason, it is essential to have your waste pipes and drains pipes inspected should you notice an issue.

Who's Responsible for Cleaning Blocked Waste pipes?

You might be wondering who is accountable for making sure the waste pipes are cleared. Well, if the waste pipe is located on your home, it is likely you will be accountable for it. With sites that have many properties on it, such as blocks of flats, there will be a private sewer system with waste pipes, which is the responsibility of the homeowner.

However, lots of waste pipes and sewers are connected to the public network, which is now preserved by the local public utility. This means that these blocked waste pipes are the responsibility of the water company.

Regardless of who’s responsibility it is, nevertheless, you will require to hire a professional business to deal with the cleaning of any blocked waste pipe in {location_name}. An inexperienced team can end up causing more damage, which is why you ought to hire our team at No1 PHD.

How to Avoid Blocked Waste pipes

As formerly pointed out, among the main causes of blocked waste pipes is products being improperly disposed of. The best way to protect your drain from unneeded blockages is to thoroughly consider what you deal with down the sinks and toilets.

Grease, fat, and oil needs to never be gotten rid of down any sinks or pipes. These compounds coat the surface area of the pipes, leading to a sticky build-up and triggering other products to cling to the pipes, causing a clog. Items such as hygienic products and wet wipes don’t break down in the same way as toilet paper, so these must be gotten rid of in a separate bin to prevent blocking the pipes. Flushing these products can trigger serious blockages that can just be treated with the help of a professional team.

Dirt, leaves, and other particles can likewise cause your drain to end up being blocked. So, it is very important that you ensure your drains pipes are kept clear to prevent this from occurring. You ought to likewise invest in a regular cleaning service, as this can assist keep your pipes free from soap scum, oils, hair, or other particles and cause less obstructions in the long run.

Other Services

Besides unblocking and fixing waste pipes, we at No1PHD likewise use a variety of extra services, such as:

Drain Jetting

Drain pipes Rodding

Emergency 24hr Drainage Solutions

Pitch Fibre (Fixes and Replacements).

Drain Jetting

One of the most powerful services we offer is drain jetting. This includes blasting high-pressure jets of water into the blocked pipe in question, successfully removing the blockage and flushing it away. Here at No1 PHD, we use a wide variety of devices consisting of pressure washers in varying sizes to effectively eliminate any obstructions from different sized pipes and drains.

Drain Rodding

Drain rodding is the procedure in which we use metre-length polypropylene rods that are attached to one another to extend the efficient reach by a number of metres. These are inserted into the drain then, using a cutting tool at the end, the blockage is cut and pulled, deconstructing it into a more workable size. This can then be easily blasted away using a drain jetting machine.

Emergency Situation 24hr Drainage Solutions

Our team understand that concerns with drains pipes can occur at any time which it is imperative for them to be dealt with immediately. It’s for this reason that we operate on a 24-hour basis and are readily available for call-outs whenever they’re essential. You can depend upon our personnel to be offered at any time, whether you’re dealing with a blocked pipe or a damaged drain energy. If you are facing an emergency drainage scenario in Accrington currently, don’t be reluctant to get in touch.

Pitch Fibre

Pitch fibre was a kind of material commonly utilised years ago when materials were challenging to come by and was mainly replaced in the 1970s with plastic drains. Pitch fibre typically includes wood cellulose, coal tar, and asbestos to reinforce the pipes, and many residential or commercial properties in the UK still have pitch fibre pipes. As long as the pipe is not damaged, they remain safe to use. Nevertheless, if damage does happen then problems can arise due to using asbestos, which can pose a major health danger.

If this is the case, you will need to have your pipes replaced. That’s where we come in. Our team of professionals will reline the pipes, spot them from the outside, or completely replace the system depending upon the seriousness of the damage.

Why Choose Us to Repair Your Blocked Waste Pipes?

We at No1 PHD have actually been operating throughout Accrington for several years, and gradually, have built up an excellent local reputation. Our staff have worked with numerous clients in Accrington and helped them to restore their drain system to top condition. Whether your requirement assistance with a brand-new energy or with clearing a blockage, our team is there to help.

It is because of our outstanding history of regional success that clients continue to pick us when looking for blocked waste pipe options in {location_name}.

When employing a team to deal with a blocked waste pipe in {location_name}, it is necessary to work with experts. We’re proud to boast that all of our personnel are thoroughly trained and have a lot of experience worrying cleaning obstructed drain. Our team has the tools and understanding required to perform all manner of drain services to an exceptionally high requirement. When you choose us to deal with your drainage system, you can feel confident that you’re dealing with proven specialists.

Our team believe it is their duty to provide first-class service at all times. As such, homeowners in Accrington can expect our staff to go above and beyond at every chance, as they provide remarkable service. We will work closely with you to make certain that all of your drainage needs are being satisfied.

You can rely on our staff to deliver customised service as they make sure that you’re left completely satisfied with our efforts. This dedication to our customers makes us the best drainage contractor in {location_name}.

Get in Touch

If you are worried about a blocked drain on your property then do not delay, contact the professionals at No1 PHD today. We are proud to be the top option for clients in Accrington and the surrounding locations when it comes to dealing with blocked drain in addition to a whole host of other drain, plumbing, and heating concerns.

If you presume a blocked pipe or any other drain concern on your home, then reach out to our team of professionals today. With several years in the market, we are well geared up to manage any problem, big or little. To speak with a member of our team straight, call us now on 0800 690 6777. We will more than happy to discuss your needs in more detail.

Alternatively, you can reach us by filling out our online contact kind or sending out an email to us at and we will react as soon as possible.