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Bars & Pubs Plumbing Services

Good plumbing is essential for all bars and pubs to function effectively. If you’re running such an establishment you’ll want a good working relationship with a friendly, professional plumbing service. No1PHD are ready and willing to meet your needs.

Often regarded as a cornerstone of society where people can enjoy drinks and meals with friends and family, bars and pubs are massively vital from a cultural standpoint even before we consider the business implications. So whether it’s ensuring you have working toilets or clean running water, it’s best not to underestimate the benefits of great plumbing. We make it our aim to deliver exactly that as part of our commercial service at No1PHD.

Legitimacy and reputation

One of the biggest factors in attracting a large and consistent number of customers over time is your establishment’s reputation. This can be enhanced or harmed by numerous things, such as hygiene rating, friendly staff, quality and selection of food and drinks – all of which spreads easily by word of mouth. Hand in hand with these elements is plumbing. With unreliable plumbing in any area, whether serving drinks or in the restroom, your limitations would be obvious. It wouldn’t take long for word to spread and your legitimacy as a respectable place of business may take a hit. Our experienced team won’t let that happen, working with you to ensure your bar or pub’s plumbing is always functioning at optimal capacity.

Maintaining quality drainage and piping

A common issue seen in many bars and pubs involves blockages. Whether this happens in your pipes, drains or (possibly worst of all in the eyes of customers) the toilet area, we can handle anything. As well as pipe replacement and repair, our drainage services include:

  • Installing grease traps to prevent your drains becoming clogged up with oil or fat – vital if you serve food in a busy bar/restaurant area, as a blockage from this can cause unpleasant odours and flooding
  • Effective gully cleaning to ensure your gullies aren’t blocked and excess water flows freely toward the sewer rather than building up
  • Removal of limescale and other elements that can build up in urinals, blocking them and causing all sorts of unpleasant happenings in your restroom

Professional service is invaluable

Choosing a trustworthy, professional bar and restaurant plumbing service like No1PHD is vital not only because it ensures the job is done right but also means:

  • You know all procedures will be performed correctly to the best quality
  • If anything does go wrong, you’ll have a guarantee from us to set things right – we don’t just move on to the next job without care for previous customers
  • Establishing a working relationship means you’ll have priority when it comes to any further repairs and maintenance

Importance of regular check-ups and maintenance

Knowing what to look out for yourself is useful. Some stuff will be obvious – everyone should know a leak isn’t a good sign and you should probably get it sorted out. But other things may not stand out to the naked eye. You may be able to find a leak but identifying its precise source isn’t always so obvious. Also, not fixing the issue properly and putting it off can only lead to bigger problems down the line. Let us ensure that doesn’t happen. At No1PHD we have experts with a keen eye not only for fixing problems but spotting them before they happen, preventing them from becoming a much bigger pain later.

We’ll closely inspect for less obvious sources of leaks, check your pipes and hoses for loose fittings, and service your appliances to prevent damages or clogs from even happening. By relying on us for regular check-ups and light maintenance in this way, you could save yourself a lot of money from requiring more intensive repair work in future.

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Don’t take any chances with your place of business. Choose No1PHD for a highly professional and trustworthy plumbing service for your bar or restaurant. Give us a call today on 08006906777 or keep our number in mind for when you might need us at any point in time.

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After noticing that the house was unusually cold, we found that the heating wasn’t coming on and that our hot water had also failed. We called the team at No 1 PHD who dispatched an engineer to investigate. After discovering that the culprit was a faulty boiler part, they ordered in a new part and got it fitted as quickly as possible. The guys were great, and we couldn’t be happier.

Mr Lincoln

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For days, we’ve noticed a foul smell coming from outside and a gurgling sound coming from one of the drains. Whenever it would rain, the area around it would flood slightly and take ages to drain. We tried buying drain unblockers, but none seemed effective. Eventually, we turned to No 1 PHD and were left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

Mrs Griffin

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