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At No1PHD, we provide high quality, high pressure cleaning services for commercial properties. You’ll be amazed at the difference a thorough cleaning can make to your properties, so read on to find out more.

Get your properties cleaned

High pressure cleaners are powerful tools for removing deeply caked on dirt and grime. We can use various techniques from high pressure & hot water jetting, to chemical cleaning. Imagine outdoor surfaces that have not been cleaned in years will have layers of dirt that is virtually impossible to clean by other means. Walls and floors can end up discoloured from years of filth building up. We can remove it!

Commercial properties, particularly ones that are open to the public, are particularly susceptible to this. People will be walking on and touching surfaces on a daily basis. Typically cleaning companies will thoroughly clean all indoor areas, but they don’t clean the paving or the walls on the outside of your property. The outside is the very first impression visitors get of your business premises, so it pays to keep it looking clean. Even in parking areas, we can remove car oil patches and grime, as car lot cleaning is something we do on a regular basis. Speak to one of our team about this cleaning service for your business or any of our other commercial services that include; plumbing, heating and drainage solutions for commercial and residential premises.

Remove years of grime

In outdoor environments where surfaces have been left to accumulate dirt and grime over the years can be tricky. By far the most efficient way to clean them is with a high pressure washers. At No1PHD we provide commercial high pressure cleaning, hot and cold water use as well as chemicals if needed on surfaces for exactly this reason.

High pressure cleaning involves using a high pressure washer, a specialised tool that blasts water with enough pressure to immediately dislodge most dirt and grime. If you have ever seen a video of a high pressure power washer in action, it is an extraordinary sight. The different between a filthy surface and a clean one immediately becomes apparent.

Get your premises looking like new again

The cleaning power of high pressure power washers is so extraordinary that many people are amazed at just how different their property looks after a thorough cleaning using our service. Since we often visit our commercial client’s premises on a regular basis, dirt is something that you usually don’t notice build up, but it does increase gradually over time. No1PHD offer many types of commercial high pressure cleaning services that include;

  • Brick Cleaning
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Fascias
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Cladding
  • Removal of Oil, Grease, Dirt & Grime.

Much like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in years, when contrasted the difference can be stark. You might not think your property needs cleaning, but once you’ve used our high pressure cleaning service, you might think otherwise. Properties are left looking brand new, so much so that we encourage people to take pictures before and after; whether it’s a low level car park or high level cleaning, we have you covered.


Clean the outside as well as the inside

Most properties only have regular indoor cleaning services, but there’s no reason to neglect your outdoor cleaning. At No1PHD we have an expert team on hand to cover your commercial cleaning needs inside and out. From high pressure cleaning services to descaling and fat removal, duct cleaning and more, our team will be able to thoroughly clean your external property and surrounding area, no matter how tough the job.

Keep your properties maintained

In addition to providing ad hoc cleaning services, we’re also happy to set up support plans for your property maintenance. We can provide a regular high pressure cleaning service to prevent grime from accumulating in the first place and keeping your properties looking at their best.

Simply pick up the phone on 08006906777 to talk to a member of our team. They’ll be able to assist you with setting up a support plan that works for you and your property. No matter how big or small your business premises, or how often it needs cleaning, we’ll be happy to set up a plan that works for you and gets your properties looking their best.

No1PHD, your national high pressure cleaning experts!

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After noticing that the house was unusually cold, we found that the heating wasn’t coming on and that our hot water had also failed. We called the team at No 1 PHD who dispatched an engineer to investigate. After discovering that the culprit was a faulty boiler part, they ordered in a new part and got it fitted as quickly as possible. The guys were great, and we couldn’t be happier.

Mr Lincoln

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For days, we’ve noticed a foul smell coming from outside and a gurgling sound coming from one of the drains. Whenever it would rain, the area around it would flood slightly and take ages to drain. We tried buying drain unblockers, but none seemed effective. Eventually, we turned to No 1 PHD and were left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

Mrs Griffin

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