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Commercial FOG Management of Fat, Oil and Grease

Successfully controlling fat, oil and grease is a vital routine in all commercial and public service properties including, cafes, schools, hospitals, offices and factories. To comply with government legislation, every new and refurbished commercial kitchen of any size must include a grease trap. If left unchecked, FOG substances are hazardous, particularly to the environment. They can also cause serious damage to the entire drainage network of your commercial property leading to expensive repairs that could close your premises. No1PHD are highly experienced at providing professional solutions for all aspects of Commercial FOG Management. To ensure your enterprise is protected from this hazardous waste, call us now for advice and a free quote.

Why Commercial FOG Needs Effective Management

When fat, oil and grease is released into plumbing and drainage systems, they don’t dissolve. For a while, they float on the surface of the waste water before fastening to the interior of the pipes. The substances quickly harden to form a coating that is as difficult to remove as concrete. Other debris such as food waste can also become trapped. FOG blockages in commercial drainage is a serious problem that builds up at a frightening speed due to the sheer volume of waste. The removal of a FOG blockage could result in expensive repair work involving the replacement of your entire drainage system. Although grease traps are highly effective at helping to control FOG, some substances can still be released into the drainage system if the traps are old or inefficient. Warning signs of a FOG related blockage include waste water draining slowly, an unpleasant smell and bubbling noises. To check how your business could be affected by FOG, we recommend the No1PHD Commercial CCTV Drain Survey. It’s a cost-effective service that can help your business to stay open.

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

Known as a Hydromechanical Grease Interceptor, a grease trap is a container that collects waste water in your commercial kitchen. It needs to be connected to sinks and appliances such as dishwashers. Inside the grease trap, the heavier fat and food debris sinks to the bottom. The lightweight oil and grease floats on the surface of the waste water. A series of baffles and strainers extract the FOG and only the filtered waste water is released into the drainage system. Such is the volume of collected FOG, that it usually needs removing by registered carriers every two to four weeks. No1PHD offers an affordable, professional service for Commercial Descaling and Fat Removal to ensure the mechanism within your grease trap continues to operate effectively.

Different Types of Grease Trap

Grease traps are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are available in a variety of sizes and materials to ensure they are suitable for every type of business or institution. Advantages include:

  • Range of sizes
  • Choice of materials
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Additional bacterial dosing
  • Cost-effective FOG management

Manual Grease Trap

Also referred to as a Passive Hydro mechanical Grease Interceptor, this is a traditional design based on the original model developed in 1885. Made of stainless steel or tough plastic, it resembles a simple box and is small enough to fit beneath a sink. It has to be emptied manually, but often includes a strainer to make the task easier. It provides an inexpensive FOG solution for the smallest business.

Automatic Grease Removal Unit

This has a similar design, but includes a pre-programmable timer. The mechanism automatically skims the waste water at regular intervals and collects FOG in a separate container for easy removal. It is slightly more expensive, but offers an efficient method with relatively lower maintenance costs. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized commercial properties.

Gravity Grease Trap

This is the most expensive type and is suitable for the largest commercial enterprises such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Manufactured in steel, concrete or reinforced fiberglass, it still resembles a box, but it has to be buried in the ground as its dimensions can measure several metres. It is an ideal solution for collecting consistently high volumes of FOG, but it needs regular maintenance to remove the accumulated waste. Additional dosing systems are available that use biological, bacterial agents to absorb excess FOG.

Effective Commercial FOG Management from No1PHD

Our professional team of FOG management experts can help all types of commercial properties and businesses. Our comprehensive FOG and Waste Management Services are efficient, reliable and cost-effective. Contact No1PHD today on 08006906777, or email us on for advice and a free quote.

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