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CIPP Relining and Repair Services

The piping for your sewer line is buried deep in the ground. With time, it could start to deteriorate due to the formation of cracks, rust and leaking. If such problems are not fixed in time, there is a real danger that the entire system may collapse and lead to a backflow, overflow or flooding of your office premises.

However, conventional repair that involves digging up the damaged sewers and drains can be costly, time-consuming and may require additional activities such as repairing your office foundation and the yard. This method is, therefore, not the best to use to deal with sewer line damage.

At No1PHD, we fix the problem without digging up the drains through the use of the cured-in-place (CIPP) technology. We put a liner in your sewer system fast. This method is also cost-effective and causes little disruption to your business.

What does CIPP Entail?

CIPP is one of the trenchless or nodig pipe repair methods. In this case, we insert a liner that has been impregnated with a special resin in a horizontal or vertical sewer line. Once the liner is inside the pipe, it is turned inside out before being forced through using air or water pressure. Then, it is pushed outwards to bond with the interior of the pipe before being cured and hardened.

In essence, we create a new resin-type pipe in the old pipe, thereby restoring your sewer or drain without digging it out. This procedure is only possible in drains with a diameter of at least 50mm to 1800mm. Fortunately most industrial parks and commercial buildings have pipes of this size.

What Happens to the Branching Connections?

Before we install the lining, we map your entire sewer line and identify the location of subsidiary connections from other buildings or drains. Once the lining has been inserted and hardened, we use advanced robotic cutters to enter the pipe and cut holes where other pipes had branched.

To complete our work, we access the pipes using manholes chambers placed outside the building. If the entire pipeline is not damaged, we can repair the localised crack or leakage using the CIPP patch (also called point repair). In this case, we position a small piece of CIPP liner using an inflatable packer. Once the patch is in place, we inflate the packer until it presses against the walls of the pipe. The patch is then left to bond with the pipe and cure. It forms a new lining in the pipe and closes the leakage. If we find several leakages, we may recommend CIPP repair for the entire sewer line.

Is the Repair Permanent?

Yes. The CIPP sewer repairs are permanent and long-lasting. Your pipe should serve you several decades down the line without any leak or sign of deterioration. Most authorities require a 50-year durability design. However, our CIPP relined pipes may go way past 70 years. In many cases, we have seen this repair method fare much better to digging up and installing a new pipeline to connect to the municipal sewer line.

An entire process is pretty labour intensive and will take time to complete. However, this of course depends on the size and length of the line. Once the curing is complete, the sewer line is tested by our professional plumbing & drainage engineers and an independent testing and calibration company to verify that our repairs have met the industry requirement and our promise to customers.


Repairs for Smaller Downpipes and Chutes

We recommend an inspection of the entire plumbing line, drain and sewer system to enable you to fix all the problems at once. For the pipes with a diameter of less than 50mm, we carry out a drainage survey and fix issues with the use of other technologies. We also clean out maintenance holes, replace old lead pipes and work on gullies that may be overflowing with silt deposits.

Quick, Professional Repair Service

We know how precious time is to our business partners. For that reason, we offer fast, professional drainage services to ensure that you get back to normal business within the shortest time possible. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with various sewer and wastewater management systems. Again, with technologies like CIPP in place, you are assured of a quick, long-lasting solution to your sewer problem.

It is also good to have the sewer line inspected at least once each year. This enables our plumbers to pick up on any issue long before it becomes too large and too expensive to fix. Most full-pipe resin relining works may have been fixed with patches had they been inspected earlier.

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