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Do you have a blocked waste pipe on your home? Do you need a dependable, trusted team to look after this for you? If so, you have certainly concerned the best place because here at No1 PHD, we are the leading choice for customers in Addlestone when it pertains to surveying and repairing blocked waste pipes.

Considering that our facility, we have actually developed a wealth of understanding and regularly help our faithful client base with a variety of pipes problems, consisting of blocked waste pipes. We will work quickly to unblock your waste pipe and restore it to complete working order so you can return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

To find out more about how we can assist you, or to engage our services regarding your blocked waste pipe, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. To speak to a member of our team directly, call us now on 0800 690 6777 and we will more than happy to help.


What Can Cause a Blocked Waste pipe?

If you have actually found yourself in the regrettable position of having to deal with a blocked waste pipe on your home, you might be questioning what has caused it. A blocked waste pipe is a typical problem and can be caused by a multitude of things. The most typical reason for a blocked waste pipe is items being incorrectly disposed of and therefore causing an obstruction gradually. Such products include: Fat Oils Sanitary Products Wet Wipes and Nappies Foreign Objects If your blockage has come from the kitchen, then it is likely that fat, oil or grease has caused the issue. These compounds can coat the inside of the pipe gradually, causing other items to end up being stuck. Items such as hygienic products, wet wipes, and even nappies can quickly cause a major blockage in your restroom, and particles, dirt, and leaves could be the perpetrator if your blocked waste pipe is outdoors.

Why Get Your Blocked Waste Pipe Fixed?

It’s important to get your drain fixed as soon as a problem is spotted. Your drains pipes and pipes play an important function in directing wastewater (greywater) far from your residential or commercial property. Greywater is domestic wastewater that’s generated in households or office complex from streams without faecal contamination.

A waste pipe differs from a soil pipe in that a soil pipe handles the discharge from toilets and bidets. Conversely, drain handle the discharge from showers, tubs, and sinks. Greywater isn’t completely pure and can still include pathogens, though it does not contain the solid matter or levels of germs present in stained water.

Greywater and soiled water will typically travel through their particular pipes, eventually converging on the same drain. While a blocked sewage pipe can have significant concerns in terms of contamination, a blocked drain postures less issue in that regard.

Nevertheless, it can still be just as disruptive and harmful, particularly if the blockage causes your drain overruning, dumping greywater all over your floors and carpets. For that reason, it’s important to have your drain and drains inspected should you discover a problem.

Who's Responsible for Clearing Blocked Waste pipes?

Here at No1 PHD, we have been clearing obstructed waste pipes in Addlestone for many years. Our staff have the ability and understanding needed to tackle any problem including a blocked waste pipe. When you initially connect to our professionals, they will consult with you to identify what type of blockage problem you’re having.

We will need to visit your site on a convenient date to perform an assessment with fibre-optic cameras. This process will allow us to see the complete degree of the obstruction and plan the very best course of action.

Once we have actually identified the source of the blockage, our team will get to work on having it cleared. We take advantage of the most recent in drain cleaning equipment so that we can clear obstructed waste pipes with speed and performance. You can expect our team to deal with speed and effectiveness as they clear your blockage as rapidly as possible.

After the blockage has been cleared, our team will check your drain system thoroughly to make sure that it is working efficiently again.

How to Avoid Blocked Waste pipes

As previously mentioned, among the primary causes of blocked waste pipes is items being improperly gotten rid of. The best way to protect your drain from unneeded blockages is to carefully consider what you deal with down the sinks and toilets.

Grease, fat, and oil needs to never ever be gotten rid of down any sinks or pipes. These compounds coat the surface area of the pipes, resulting in a sticky build-up and triggering other products to hold on to the pipes, causing a blockage. Items such as hygienic products and damp wipes don’t break down in the same way as toilet tissue, so these should be gotten rid of in a separate bin to prevent clogging up the pipes. Flushing these items can cause serious clogs that can only be treated with the help of a professional team.

Dirt, leaves, and other particles can also cause your drain to become blocked. So, it is necessary that you ensure your drains are kept clear to prevent this from happening. You should likewise invest in a regular cleaning company, as this can help keep your pipes free from soap scum, oils, hair, or other debris and result in less blockages in the long run.

Other Services

Besides unblocking and repairing waste pipes, we at No1PHD also use a range of additional services, such as:

Drain pipes Jetting

Drain Rodding

Emergency Situation 24hr Drain Providers

Pitch Fibre (Repair Works and Replacements).

Drain Jetting

Among the many drain services we provide at No1 PHD is drain jetting. This service is ideal opponent unblocking drains, consisting of any blocked drain in {location_name}. You now understand that drains and pipes can become obstructed by a variety of products, from oils and fat to wet wipes and more. Well, our drain jetting devices can be used to efficiently clear any obstructed pipes in your system, regardless of what caused the obstruction.

Drain jetting usages water jet technology to blast high pressure jets of water through the pipes, breaking up any blockage and flushing it out of the system.

Drain Rodding

Drain rodding is another service that we use to unblock drains and pipes. It involves using drain rods, which are rods made of polypropylene which measure around one metre in length. These rods are often joined together to develop a larger rod determining numerous metres in length, and this is placed into the drainage system.

These rods can reach deep into the pipes, discovering the clog and cutting with a slicing tool to deconstruct it. The separated obstruction can then be flushed away using drain jetting, clearing the pipes.

Emergency 24hr Drain Solutions

Our team realise that issues with drains pipes can occur at any time which it is crucial for them to be handled instantly. It’s for this reason that we operate on a 24-hour basis and are available for call-outs whenever they’re required. You can depend on our staff to be available at any time, whether you’re dealing with an obstructed pipe or a broken drainage utility. If you are facing an emergency drainage scenario in Addlestone presently, do not be reluctant to get in touch.

Pitch Fibre

Pitch fibre was actively used in the installation of drain pipes as it was a more affordable alternative to clay pipes. Pitch fibre pipes utilised asbestos in addition to coal tar pitch to enhance their strength before the dangers of asbestos were known and it was banned from usage. Nevertheless, while pitch fibre pipes are no longer actively set up, there are still plenty in use around the country.

You may think these are dangerous due to the asbestos included, however the fact is, as long as the pipes stay intact, they are safe to stay. Nevertheless, if your pitch fibre pipes are damaged in any way, it is necessary to have them replaced. We can reline pitch fibre pipes, which is an economical service. Alternatively, we can patch them from the outside or completely replace the system.

Why Pick Us to Fix Your Blocked Waste Pipes?

Here at No1 PHD, we are proud to be the leading option for clients in Addlestone when it comes to drain, heating, and plumbing concerns. With years of experience in the market, we are well positioned to deal with any issue, big or little. Our team are all fully trained, qualified, and guarantee outstanding outcomes each time. What’s more, our 24/7 emergency situation service means that we are on hand to solve your drain emergency situations as soon as they occur.

Get in Touch

If you are worried about a blocked waste pipe on your residential or commercial property then don’t postpone, connect with the specialists at No1 PHD today. We are proud to be the number one choice for customers in Addlestone and the surrounding areas when it concerns dealing with obstructed waste pipes in addition to a whole host of other drain, pipes, and heating concerns.

If you suspect an obstructed pipe or any other drainage issue on your home, then reach out to our team of professionals today. With several years in the industry, we are well equipped to deal with any problem, large or small. To talk to a member of our team directly, call us now on 0800 690 6777. We will enjoy to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Additionally, you can reach us by filling out our online contact kind or sending an e-mail to us at and we will respond as soon as possible.