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Exists a suspected obstructed drain on your residential or commercial property? Do you need an expert and skilled team to take a look and survey the sewage pipe for you? If so, you have actually certainly concerned the ideal location, as we at No1 PHD are the premier group for any obstructed sewage pipe in Ainsdale.

We have been in the drainage market for many years now, building up a wealth of understanding and proficiency. In this time, our expert group has assisted numerous customers with their blocked sewage pipes, quickly and efficiently uncloging them and bring back order. We utilise a range of methods and professional-grade devices to guarantee a high requirement of result.

So, to discover more about our services for blocked sewage pipes, you require just get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 0800 690 6777 to speak with a member of our group directly and we will be happy to assist.


What Can Cause a Blocked Sewage Pipe?

As the name suggests, sewage pipes are designed to bring wastewater far from the property and into the close-by drains. From there, the wastewater is reached the sewage plant, where the water is treated prior to being discharged back into the environment as clean water.

Issues can accompany sewage pipes if particular things are flushed that shouldn’t be. These include:

Foreign Items



Face Wipes

Cotton Wool

Extreme Amounts of Toilet Paper

This relates just to the restroom; drains can block for an entire host of other reasons, from leaves and branches to fats, oils, and greases. The cause ultimately depends on where the drain is located.

If you suspect an item has found its method into the drains that should not have and triggered an obstruction, call our Ainsdale team today.

Why get your blocked sewage pipe fixed?

Sewage pipelines are a crucial part of any property, as they eliminate wastewater. Therefore, when a problem occurs it is imperative that it is handled as rapidly as possible. That’s where we are available in. Here at No1 PHD, we are the top option for clients n LOCATIONNAME when it comes to dealing with a blocked sewage pipe. The longer a blocked sewage pipeline is left uncleared, the higher the risk will be to your residential or commercial property and its occupants.

When your sewage pipeline becomes blocked, it will be not able to bring wastewater away from your residential or commercial property and you will soon start to experience a host of issues, consisting of foul odours and standing water. Not only are these undesirable, however they can also position a really serious danger to your health and as such ought to be treated with seriousness.

What’s more, an untreated obstruction will just grow with time, causing considerable damage to your pipes. So, if you are worried about your sewage pipeline don’t think twice to get in touch with us today.

Who’s Responsible for Clearing Blocked Sewage Pipes

If you are having problem with a blocked sewage pipeline in your LOCATIONNAME residential or commercial property, you must have the issue seen to by a team of specialists. A blocked sewage pipeline can just be cleared with making use of professional devices, which just a group of specialists will have access to. At No1 PHD, we’re delighted to use extensive pipe cleaning services for house owners. Our group has access to the tools required to have your obstructed sewage pipe cleared rapidly and successfully.

When you initially connect to our personnel, we will seek advice from you to identify the extent of your obstruction. It is likely that we’ll need to arrange a convenient date upon which to visit your website and have your blocked sewage pipe checked. We use cutting edge fibre-optic cams to identify the area of blockage in your sewage pipeline. When we’ve developed the degree of the blockage, we can identify the right course of action to take in terms of having it cleared.

We will then get to deal with having your pipe cleared by utilizing proven clearing methods. Our team has the skill, knowledge, and experience that is needed to carry out drain uncloging to an extremely high standard. You can rely on us to check and check your drain system thoroughly upon the completion of our work to make certain that whatever remains in complete working order. The quick and uncomplicated service that we offer worrying obstructed sewage pipe problems makes us the go-to group.

How to avoid blocked sewage pipe

Now you understand how your sewage pipelines become obstructed in the first place, it is easy to understand how you can prevent this from taking place in the future. The best way to guarantee your sewage pipelines do not become blocked again is to see what you dispose of down the sinks and toilets.

You must never ever get rid of grease, fat, and oils down the sink as this coats the pipelines and can lead to a sticky substance developing in the pipes. When this sticky compound begins to develop, it ends up being a lot easier for other objects to become stuck in the pipelines, making the clog even worse. Additionally, you must just flush the correct toilet tissue, not sanitary items, or damp wipes, as these do not break down in the same way, triggering clogs to form.

Outside drains can likewise cause sewage pipelines becoming obstructed, with particles such as dirt and leaves triggering blockages. As such, it is important you remove any debris that might enter the sewer system and cause a blockage.

Lastly, among the best methods to ensure your sewage pipes continue to remain clear is to purchase regular cleansing. This ensures any oils, fat, or soap scum that was starting to build-up is cleared, preventing any clog from forming.

Other Services

Here at No1 PHD, we are proud to be the leading choice for clients in Ainsdale when it pertains to quickly and effective drain, heating and pipes solutions. So whatever you require, you can rely on us to do the job to the requirement you are worthy of, for a cost you’ll enjoy. As well as dealing with blocked sewage pipelines, we also specialise in a range of services consisting of:.

Drain pipes Jetting.

Drain Rodding.

Emergency 24hr Drainage Services.

Pitch Fibre.

And A lot more!

To discover more about our complete range of services, simply get in touch with us today. Whatever you require, we can help.

Drain Jetting

The most typical method of drain cleaning in location_name that we at No1 PHD benefit from is drain jetting. This procedure involves using a high-pressure water hose pipe, which is attached to pipelines and blasts a powerful stream of water into them. This jet of water will blast through any clogs that have actually developed in your pipelines while likewise wiping away sticky compounds from the pipe interior. In general, drain jetting is a quick and efficient approach of cleaning blocked pipelines.

Drain Rodding

§For extreme or persistent blockages, we can utilize an approach referred to as drain rodding to unblock your drains. This involves using drain rods, which measure at around a metre in length and can be linked to reach far into the drain system to take on even the most difficult obstructions. Our drain rods have a slicing tool situated on the end, and this will cut and pull at the obstruction up until it is deconstructed enough to be cleared. We typically follow this process with drain jetting, to successfully get rid of any leftover particles from your drains pipes and restore them to full working order.|

Drain rodding is the second of the two strategies that we utilise to handle blockages. We use metre-length polypropylene rods that can be connected to one another, extending the reach by numerous metres. At the end of the rods are cutting tools, and we utilize the rods to pluck and deconstruct obstructions.

This allows us to break down the clog into a more manageable mass that can be quickly dealt with. When integrated with drain jetting, even the most stubborn blockage can be taken apart, all set to be blasted away by high-pressure water.|

Drain rodding is another drainage service we provide to unclog your drains and blocked sewage pipes in §§location_name}}. This involves using drain rods, which are comprised of polypropylene and determine around a metre in length. These drain rods are typically connected, increasing the total length, which can approach a number of metres.

We insert these drain rods into your drainage system, and they can reach deep into the system to where the blockage lies. The drain rod will have a slicing tool at the end, which cuts and pulls at the clog, deconstructing it so it can be cleared. We typically use drain rodding in conjunction with drain jetting to successfully clear your obstructed sewage pipes and drains.|

The second approach that we take advantage of for cleaning blocked pipes in §location_name}} is drain rodding. This process involves the use of a small tool called a drain rod, which is fed into pipelines and used to poke through obstructions. These tough rods can reach far into your pipelines and supply the force needed to prod through smaller obstructions. Drain pipes rodding is a non-destructive and affordable approach of clearing blockages in your drainage system.

Emergency 24hr Drainage Services

Here at No1 PHD, we understand that drain problems can emerge anytime, often during the most troublesome times. When a concern occurs, you will wish to get it solved as soon as possible to avoid the issue becoming worse and potentially causing damage to your property.

This is why we at No1 PHD offer our 24hr emergency situation services, so you can rest easy understanding that we will be there for you no matter the time of day. Whatever drain issue you are dealing with, merely call us and we will strive to correct the issue as soon as possible. Whether it is a bank holiday or 4 in the early morning, we are on hand to resolve your issue 24/7.

Pitch Fibre

Pitch fiber was a kind of material extensively utilized decades ago when products were difficult to come by and was mainly replaced in the 1970s with plastic drains pipes. Pitch fibre typically consists of wood cellulose, coal tar and asbestos, to reinforce the pipes and lots of residential or commercial properties in the UK still have pitch fibre pipes. As long as the pipeline is not harmed, they stay safe to use. Nevertheless, if damage does happen then issues can arise due to the use of asbestos, which can pose a major health threat.

If this is the case, you will require to have your pipelines changed. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts will reline the pipelines, spot them from the outdoors, or totally change the system depending upon the severity of the damage.

Why Choose Us to Fix Blocked Sewage Pipes

No1PHD is a company with several years of experience. We boast a wide variety of services ranging from drainage to pipes and heating. Our highly-skilled, fully trained, and accredited team of DBS-checked professionals carry out all our services.

As a company, we’re proud members of the FSB and become part of the Trustpilot plan. So, you can see for yourself that we’re a trustworthy company that you can rely on.

And keep in mind, we do not charge any call-out costs and have actually guaranteed that all our costs are as budget-friendly as possible. You even have numerous ways to pay and are guaranteed of fulfillment guaranteed!

Get in Touch

So, if you’re handling an issue with a clog in your sewage pipeline, waste no time at all in getting in touch with the group here at No1PHD. We specialise in dealing with blocked drains pipes and pipes using the most effective tools at our disposal. We’re the very best team to call in Ainsdale if you require assistance, and our team is always readily available to accept any requests you may have.

We have years of experience handling the unblocking of drains pipes and pipelines and are geared up with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to finish the job quickly. In no time, we’ll have your drains pipes streaming again, and any issues handled. We’ll even recommend you on ways to avoid blocked drains pipes and pipes in the future.

If you wish to discover more, simply provide our Ainsdale group a call today on 0800 690 6777. Alternatively, you can get in touch by filling out our online contact type or emailing