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Exists a suspected obstructed drain on your residential or commercial property? Do you need a professional and skilled team to take a look and study the sewage pipe for you? If so, you have actually certainly concerned the ideal location, as we at No1 PHD are the premier group for any obstructed sewage pipe in Ainsdale.

We have been in the drainage market for many years now, building up a wealth of understanding and proficiency. In this time, our expert group has assisted numerous customers with their blocked sewage pipes, quickly and efficiently uncloging them and bring back order. We utilise a range of methods and professional-grade devices to guarantee a high standard of outcome.

So, to discover more about our services for blocked sewage pipes, you require just get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 0800 690 6777 to speak with a member of our group directly and we will be happy to assist.


What Can Cause a Blocked Sewage Pipe?

As the name suggests, sewage pipes are designed to bring wastewater far from the property and into the close-by drains. From there, the wastewater is reached the sewage plant, where the water is treated prior to being discharged back into the environment as clean water.

Issues can accompany sewage pipes if particular things are flushed that shouldn’t be. These include:

Foreign Items



Face Wipes

Cotton Wool

Extreme Quantities of Toilet Paper

This relates only to the restroom; drains can block for a whole host of other reasons, from leaves and branches to fats, oils, and greases. The cause ultimately depends on where the drain is located.

If you suspect an item has found its method into the drains that should not have and triggered an obstruction, call our Ainsdale group today.

Why get your blocked sewage pipe fixed?

It’s important that you get your sewage pipeline seen to the second you suspect a blockage may exist. As mentioned above, sewage pipes are responsible for carrying wastewater or sewage from homes, business, and industrial homes to nearby sewage treatment plants.

If an obstruction occurs, either because of a things or corrosion of the pipework, the outcomes can be extremely undesirable. Wastewater will overflow into your home and garden, and, as you can picture, the smell will be intolerable.

The most significant factor for the smell is the existence of damaging bacteria: human waste naturally contains coliform bacteria, e.g., E. coli, that can trigger disease. Water infected with hazardous bacteria is classified as a health and environmental hazard.

Wastewater likewise consists of suspended solids and chemicals, including nitrogen and phosphates. These chemicals assist in the growth of algae that can cause all type of concerns for homeowner. Another issue occurs when bacteria break down organic product, and if this occurs in a body of water, the impact on fish and other organisms can be ravaging.

In short, an unsuccessful sewage pipe can cause immediate issues for you as a homeowner however likewise have significant implications.

Who’s Responsible for Clearing Blocked Sewage Pipes

Time was when the homeowner would be accountable for both their own drains and lateral drains pipes. Lateral drains pipes are ones that link to the public sewage system line that runs under the main road. Nevertheless, since October 2011, property owners are now only responsible for their own drains pipes.

If the blockage is within your own drains, then you are accountable for having it fixed. Once your drain connects with a neighbour’s drainpipe, the primary sewage system line, or leaves your residential or commercial property limit, the obligation is up to whichever company is charged with keeping the primary pipe.

If you’re unsure where you stand, give us a call, and we’ll perform a CCTV evaluation to figure out the place of the obstruction.

How to avoid blocked sewage pipe

Now you know how your sewage pipelines end up being obstructed in the first place, it is easy to understand how you can avoid this from happening in the future. The very best way to ensure your sewage pipelines don’t end up being blocked again is to enjoy what you get rid of down the sinks and toilets.

You should never ever dispose of grease, fat, and oils down the sink as this coats the pipelines and can lead to a sticky substance developing in the pipes. Once this sticky substance starts to develop, it becomes a lot easier for other challenge become stuck in the pipelines, making the clog even worse. In addition, you ought to only flush the correct toilet paper, not hygienic products, or wet wipes, as these do not break down in the same way, causing obstructions to form.

Outside drains pipes can likewise lead to sewage pipes ending up being obstructed, with particles such as dirt and leaves triggering obstructions. As such, it is important you remove any debris that might go into the sewer system and trigger an obstruction.

Finally, one of the very best methods to guarantee your sewage pipelines continue to remain clear is to purchase regular cleaning. This guarantees any oils, fat, or soap residue that was beginning to accumulation is cleared, avoiding any clog from forming.

Other Services

Here at No1 PHD, we are proud to be the leading option for customers in Ainsdale when it pertains to quickly and effective drainage, heating and pipes options. So whatever you require, you can depend on us to get the job done to the standard you should have, for a price you’ll enjoy. In addition to handling obstructed sewage pipes, we likewise specialise in a range of services consisting of:.

Drain Jetting.

Drain Rodding.

Emergency 24hr Drainage Services.

Pitch Fibre.

And Far more!

To find out more about our complete variety of services, simply get in touch with us today. Whatever you need, we can assist.

Drain Jetting

The most common technique of drain clearing in location_name that we at No1 PHD benefit from is drain jetting. This procedure involves the use of a high-pressure water pipe, which is connected to pipelines and blasts an effective stream of water into them. This jet of water will blast through any clogs that have built up in your pipelines while likewise wiping away sticky substances from the pipeline interior. Overall, drain jetting is a quick and effective method of cleaning obstructed pipes.

Drain Rodding

§For severe or persistent obstructions, we can use a technique known as drain rodding to unclog your drains pipes. This includes utilizing drain rods, which procedure at around a metre in length and can be linked to reach far into the drainage system to deal with even the most tough clogs. Our drain rods have a slicing tool situated on the end, and this will cut and pull at the obstruction till it is deconstructed enough to be cleared. We frequently follow this process with drain jetting, to effectively remove any remaining debris from your drains pipes and restore them to complete working order.|

Drain pipes rodding is the second of the two techniques that we make use of to deal with clogs. We use metre-length polypropylene rods that can be connected to one another, extending the reach by several metres. At the end of the rods are cutting tools, and we utilize the rods to pull at and deconstruct clogs.

This enables us to break down the obstruction into a more workable mass that can be quickly handled. When combined with drain jetting, even the most persistent clog can be taken apart, all set to be blasted away by high-pressure water.|

Drain pipes rodding is another drain service we provide to unclog your drains pipes and obstructed sewage pipes in §§location_name}}. This includes using drain rods, which are comprised of polypropylene and determine around a metre in length. These drain rods are frequently connected, increasing the total length, which can approach several metres.

We place these drain rods into your drain system, and they can reach deep into the system to where the blockage is located. The drain rod will have a slicing tool at the end, which cuts and plucks the clog, deconstructing it so it can be cleared. We typically use drain rodding in conjunction with drain jetting to successfully clear your obstructed sewage pipelines and drains pipes.|

The second method that we take advantage of for clearing obstructed pipelines in §location_name}} is drain rodding. This process involves the use of a small tool called a drain rod, which is fed into pipes and utilized to poke through blockages. These durable rods can reach far into your pipelines and supply the force essential to prod through smaller sized clogs. Drain pipes rodding is a non-destructive and affordable approach of clearing obstructions in your drainage system.

Emergency 24hr Drainage Services

Here at No1 PHD, we comprehend that drainage problems can occur anytime, often during the most inconvenient times. When an issue happens, you will wish to get it solved as soon as possible to avoid the issue worsening and potentially causing damage to your home.

This is why we at No1 PHD offer our 24hr emergency services, so you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you no matter the time of day. Whatever drainage issue you are dealing with, just call us and we will strive to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Whether it is a bank holiday or 4 in the early morning, we are on hand to resolve your problem 24/7.

Pitch Fibre

Pitch fibre drains pipes were thought about a development at one stage, though it was ultimately discovered that pitch fiber drains pipes were, in fact, a deeply flawed creation. They were made up of coal tar pitch and were thought about a more affordable option to clay pipelines. Nevertheless, the structure would compromise when continuously exposed to water, especially wastewater.

This would lead them to end up being misshapen and even collapse, causing clogs. While this would not take place quickly, pitch fibre pipes only had a lifespan of around 40 years, and a lot of were set up a minimum of 40 years ago.

If your residential or commercial property is geared up with pitch fiber pipelines that are triggering you issues, we can assist by repairing or replacing the pipes with newer, contemporary alternatives. Even if you’re not experiencing issues now, it’s worth us checking them out, just to be sure.

Why Choose Us to Fix Blocked Sewage Pipes

Here at No1 PHD, we are proud to be the leading choice for customers in LOCATIONNAME when it comes to drainage, heating and plumbing issues. With years of experience in the industry, we are well positioned to deal with any issue, large or small. Our team are all completely trained, certified and guarantee excellent results each time. What’s more, our 24/7 emergency situation service implies that we are on hand to fix your drain emergency situations as quickly as they develop.

Get in Touch

So, if you’re dealing with an issue with a blockage in your sewage pipe, waste no time in contacting the team here at No1PHD. We specialise in taking on obstructed drains and pipes utilizing the most reliable tools at our disposal. We’re the very best group to contact Ainsdale if you need help, and our group is constantly available to accept any demands you may have.

We have years of experience handling the unblocking of drains pipes and pipelines and are geared up with the knowledge, tools, and know-how to do the job quickly. In no time, we’ll have your drains pipes flowing again, and any problems dealt with. We’ll even encourage you on methods to avoid obstructed drains pipes and pipelines in the future.

If you want to learn more, simply offer our Ainsdale team a call today on 0800 690 6777. Additionally, you can contact us by submitting our online contact kind or emailing