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Underfloor Heating Systems

An underfloor heating system has become a popular alternative to traditional central heating. It’s unobtrusive and provides superb radiant warmth to make your home a cosy place to be. The system is even proving to be beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers, as unlike a conventional radiator, it doesn’t distribute dust into the room’s atmosphere. There are two types of system available; electric and hydroponic. Each one has outstanding merits. If you need help choosing the right system for your home, call No1PHD, your local heating experts.

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating can often take slightly longer to install than traditional central heating. It can also be a more expensive choice to install, but this initial investment is offset by running costs that are approximately one third lower than those of conventional central heating. In addition, underfloor heating will generally increase the value of your property, enabling you to make a financial return on your investment. It’s suitable for an entire property or when opting for individual projects such as professional bathroom installations. As underfloor heating frees your rooms of bulky radiators and provides more wall space, it is an ideal choice for a compact home and also enhances minimalist interior design. It provides an even heat distribution with wall to wall warmth that eliminates cold spots. It’s an ecological system that maximises an efficient energy use. Once installed, underfloor heating has an average longevity of thirty-five years and has several benefits:

  • It’s an invisible heating system
  • Allows you to use all your wall space
  • Integrates with your current central heating system
  • Ideal for one room or a whole house
  • Provides an even distribution of heat
  • Helpful for asthma as there is reduced air flow disruption and less dust
  • Economic running costs
  • Adds value to your home
  • Lifespan of at least thirty-five years
  • Compatible with Smart technology
  • Easy to maintain

Different Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric Underfloor Heating

An electric or dry system is incredibly cost-effective and easy to install. It uses a network of extremely fine wires laid out across an insulation layer that’s placed beneath the room’s floor. It has little effect on the height level of the floor. It’s ideal for compact areas such as a kitchen or bathroom. However, compared to a hydroponic system, electric underfloor heating is usually more expensive to run, although this is dependant on fluctuating energy costs.

Hydroponic Underfloor Heating

A hydroponic or wet system is heated by warm water distributed through a series of narrow pipes connected to your existing boiler or you may require a new boiler installation. It fits into the sub-floor of the room and is often considered to be more suitable for larger areas such as living rooms. It is generally more expensive to install than electric, but is generally more cost-effective to run as it relies on gas energy.


Hybrid System

Underfloor heating is versatile and convenient. It can even be installed as a hybrid system which involves the installation of both electric and hydroponic heating elements. It is often a preferable choice for large homes because the different systems can be tailored to suit busy rooms and those that are used less frequently. As a result, the running costs and energy usage are more efficient and cost-effective.

Skirting Board System

If you would like the benefits of radiant heat, but are reluctant to disturb a recently laid floor, consider an alternative system that fits the heating elements behind the skirting boards of your rooms instead of across the floor. Usually based on a hydroponic method, it can be seamlessly integrated into your current central heating pipework and can easily be installed in one room or several. To find out more about the options available for underfloor heating, contact No1PHD and we’ll provide a free quotation.

Installation of Underfloor Heating

The system can be disruptive during installation as the existing floor surface has to be removed in order to install the heating pipes or wires. For this reason, it’s an ideal choice if you are planning home improvements such as a kitchen refurbishment and installation. The systems have various heat outputs and to determine the most suitable for your home, our experienced heating engineers will need to calculate the heat loss of the individual rooms. Insulation boards will also be required to ensure your heating is directed upwards. Our professional installation of underfloor heating ensures your system is completely safe.

No1PHD Professional Services

Our extensive range of professional skills enables our highly experienced workforce to seamlessly integrate all types of underfloor heating systems with many of our other services, from Smart technology to home improvement projects. Call us today on 08006906777 for further information and a free quote.

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