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Toilet Cistern Replacement

Toilets can often be taken for granted; just a part of everyday life that you don’t have to give much thought to beyond the occasional cleaning. Like many things that are taken for granted, it soon becomes apparent how important they are when they stop working. Problems with blocked pipes and toilet cisterns can range from a functional nuisance to a complete breakdown of functionality to a serious problem that can cause damage to the surrounding area. No1PHD are on hand to help, regardless of the fault.

What is a Toilet Cistern?

In essence, a toilet cistern is a reservoir of water that is stored near your toilet. Usually, this comes in the form of a ceramic tank just above and behind the toilet with a small lever or button for flushing the toilet. However, it can also be mounted inside walls near the toilet, or even high above the toilet with a pull chain mechanism. When a toilet is flushed, the water in that reservoir is released into the toilet bowl itself. The internal workings of the cistern then set about refilling the cistern ready for the next use, that’s the sound you hear after flushing. Cisterns typically rely on gravity to get water into the bowl, so unless you have a toilet with additional features (such as a built-in a bidet) there won’t be any electrical components.

What Happens When a Cistern Breaks?

There are a number of things that can happen with a broken toilet cistern. The most obvious being a total loss of the ability to flush. This can be due to a fault in the mechanism that refills the cistern, or a blockage in the outlet that sends the water into the toilet bowl. A toilet cistern fault can also manifest in ways that do not prevent you from using it but are nonetheless an inconvenience and require attention. Leaks in the inlet or outlets of the cistern can cause both a mess and result in the toilet not flushing properly. Faults in the refilling mechanism can cause the cistern to constantly fill up—even when it has enough water in—which, while it shouldn’t result in water spilling everywhere (excess water should trickle into the toilet bowl) it can be annoying to have the sound of running water constantly. It’s worth noting that leaking toilets should be given immediate professional attention. Leaks, especially in upstairs toilets, can cause serious problems in the building if left unchecked. In such events call 08006906777 and speak to a No1PHD plumbing expert as soon as possible. With 24/7 emergency call out covering most of the UK, we’ll be there in no time!


What are the Signs of a Cistern Fault?

The most obvious signs of faulty toilet cisterns are the audible ones. If your toilet continues to make a running water sound long after it has been flushed, and in particular if this is accompanied by water continuing to run into the toilet bowl, then you likely have a fault with the refilling mechanisms. Similarly, if there is no sound after flushing, and you can’t flush again, the cistern isn’t refilling. Other signs to watch out for are any kind of leaks from around the cistern itself. Something like a broken flushing lever is fairly self-explanatory.

Improving Your Flush

You needn’t just think about your cistern when it stops working. The toilet cistern is entirely responsible for the flushing capacity of your toilet. If you’re not happy with your flush—if it’s too weak, or if you feel it uses too much water—there will be a set up available that will suit your needs. Whether it’s a different flushing mechanism in your existing cistern, a whole new cistern, or even an entirely different toilet, No1PHD can discuss your needs.

Call to Book an Appointment

Fortunately, No1PHD can handle your faulty toilet cistern. Whether it’s a faulty refill mechanism, a leaking inlet pipe, or the flush handle has broken off in your hands! Our experts can repair or replace quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for an immediate remedy. Call 08006906777 now!

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