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Boiler Flues

Installing, repairing, or moving a boiler flue is a deceptively complicated task. True; the flue itself is little more than a lightweight metal chimney, but the reality is there are several regulations and safety concerns involved. In short, it’s the kind of job you want to be done properly. No1PHD local boiler flue experts will ensure that your flue is safe, secure, and meets any relevant regulations. Need instant help? Call today on 08006906777

What is a Boiler Flue?

Simply put, a boiler flue is a pipe that transports waste gasses from your boiler safely outside of the building during heating. From the outside, they are typically white or black PVC pipes. Sometimes they stick out a little way from the wall of your building, sometimes they are routed up the outer wall a little way before terminating to avoid things like cars or pedestrians. Inside the building, if any flue is visible, it will usually be a silvery-metal colour. Boiler flues are essential for the safety of people inside the building, as the waste gasses from a fitted boiler can be harmful.

What Harmful Gasses?

The actual waste gas expelled from a boiler depends on the boiler itself. It would be wise to assume that any waste gasses from any kind of exhaust system shouldn’t be inhaled as a general rule. A typical boiler will expel carbon monoxide, for example. Another concern with boiler flues, however, is the temperature. Boiler’s work by burning fuel (usually gas) to heat the water that is passing through it. As a result, the waste gas is hot, and depending on the distance travelled from the boiler, can be hot enough to burn skin or damage heat-sensitive surfaces.

Why are Boiler Flues Regulated?

In short, boiler flues are heavily regulated because of the potential harm they can cause when improperly installed. Carbon monoxide is a serious gas that can cause loss of life without so much as a wisp of smoke, so you don’t want it leaking into your home or business premises. They are also regulated to keep people outside of your house safe, particularly in the case of public-space facing walls. This is why some flues cannot simply take the shortest path from the boiler to the outside. Similarly, there are regulations on flues that exit a building at roof level.


Signs that a Boiler Flue has been Improperly Installed

If you’ve just bought a new home or business premises, or you’ve had a flue installed but are unsure about the work that was done, here are some warning signs to look out for;

  • Flue terminates below typical head height
  • Flue terminates close to window, door, or air brick
  • Carbon monoxide detector goes off
  • Flue feels loosely mounted to wall

Any of these should be considered a serious cause for concern. In such cases, contact No1PHD immediately to talk to a local boiler flue expert and discuss your options.

Does My Existing Flue Need to Meet Regulations?

If you already have a boiler flue installed, and you’re not having any work done (such as a new boiler fitted) then you do not need to meet boiler flue regulations. There is no law preventing you from bringing your existing installation up to current regulatory standards, however. After all; those regulations exist for a reason. If you are considering something like this, feel free to get in touch and talk to one of our experts.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Fit a New Boiler Flue?

The short answer is, it depends. If you are having a new boiler flue fitted that adheres to all the applicable regulations, you should be fine. If, on the other hand, your situation necessitates an installation that doesn’t meet the regulations, you will need planning permission. If you are unsure on either count, you should speak to one of our experts before proceeding.

Speak to Our Experts Today!

Any situation that is subject to government regulation should be handled carefully. Speak to one of our boiler flue experts at No1PHD on 08006906777 and be confident that you are doing everything you need to with your boiler flue installation or repair.

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