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Commercial Extraction Fan Installation

Extraction fans are an essential piece of equipment, both in the home and in places of business and industry. Fitting one is no small task, however, but No1PHD can ensure your workspace is safe from harmful gasses and contaminants with a professional extraction fan installation; part of our wide range of commercial services we offer.

The more we learn about the effects of certain environmental factors on our bodies, the more it becomes clear we need to take greater care over things like what we inhale. Nowhere is this more pressing of a concern than in commercial spaces where fumes and contaminants of many kinds are commonplace, whether it be a kitchen full of ovens, or a workshop full of welders. Extraction fans ensure that an area is kept free of potentially harmful substances in the air by, as the name suggests, extracting those substances and transporting them safely away from breathing people. No1PHD can install commercial extraction fans in your workplace, ensuring the people working there stay safe and healthy.

How Does an Extraction Fan Work

An extraction fan is positioned in an area where smoke or otherwise harmful gasses are produced (or is connected to piping that is routed to the area) and sucks those harmful gasses away, exhausting them somewhere where they can dissipate safely. The capacity of the extraction fan will be determined by the size of the area and the quantity of harmful gas being produced. No1PHD professionals will be able to advise you on the type of extraction fan that would be best to meet your needs.

Where is the Air Extracted to?

The air from the affected area is extracted to an external space where it can dissipate safely, away from areas where people may accidentally inhale it. This typically means a spot on an external wall, well above the height of any passing pedestrians. Regulations can differ depending on the size of the extractor and the type of gasses it is extracting, so be sure to talk to one of our experts before making any plans on where to fit your extractor fan. There are situations where extraction is not merely transporting air, but removing particles that are in the air, such as wood or metal shavings. In these cases, the extracted air would be filtered in much the same way that a vacuum cleaner works and the contaminants in the air are then deposited in a container for emptying at a later time.

How is is the Extracted Air Transported?

Gasses are transported through pipes, sometimes hidden from view in areas where appearance is important (such as the dining area of a restaurant) but typically take the path of least resistance from the extraction point to the outlet. The size of the pipes will vary depending on the capacity of the extraction fan, but can be anywhere from a few inches wide up to wide enough to fit a person inside! Though we wouldn’t recommend doing that. No1PHD will ensure that the piping used in your installation is sufficient to match the capacity of your extraction fan. Also note that we offer a duct cleaning service and thus can ensure any existing pipes still needed will be in tip top condition.


Where Would an Extraction Fan be Needed?

The most common places to find an extraction fan are in restrooms and kitchens. In restrooms, the functionality is fairly self-explanatory. No1PHD specialise in commercial kitchen extraction fans. In kitchens, hooded extraction fans are fitted above hobs and griddles to catch the smoke and hot air that rises from cooked food. In more industrial settings, extraction fans are required in most settings that involve metal and woodworking, although extraction fans in woodworking are intended to catch small wood particles and deposit them in a container. Areas in which welding takes place is another situation in which an extraction fan would be used, as well as any indoor space where vehicles might be running, such as an automotive repair shop. Much of this is regulated by law, and so it would be illegal to not have an extraction fan in place. If you’re unsure whether your situation is legally mandated to have an extraction fan, a No1PHD expert can go through things with you and ensure you make the right decision for your workspace.

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Any situation that involves government regulations—and more importantly, people’s health—is a situation you want to be confident you’ve covered all the bases. At No1PHD, we can supply and fit quality extraction fan systems that will be up to regulation standards and ensure that you and your employees are safe. Call us now to book an appointment on 08006906777

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