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Professional Soakaway Installations

Soakaways have been receiving a lot of attention lately, as flooding has affected more communities, with some locations being flooded repeatedly. We have been designing, installing, repairing, and relocating soakaways for many years and our expertise is second to none.

What Is A Soakaway?

At its most basic, it’s simply a drain, consisting of a hole filled with material such as gravel and rubble, that can soak up excess water, for example during a rainstorm. Water from the rest of the property is directed into the soakaway, where it gradually drains away into the ground. Soakaways are also often used with septic tanks.

Designing and Costing A Soakaway

We can survey the site you are intending to use, to check that it’s the right size, shape and location for your requirement. We take into account how porous the soil is, how many people are in the property, and how deep the soakaway will need to be. Our survey findings will enable us to provide an accurate costing for the excavation of the site, and installation of the soakaway. Our drainage engineers are highly professional and experienced, so you can rely on them to provide a robust and long-lasting solution.

Soakaway Installation

With years of experience in installing soakaways, our teams are able to provide a fast, professional and cost-effective service. We’ll ensure that the water is directed away from buildings, and that the soakaway itself is dispersing water effectively. Soakaways don’t last forever, but when you have a professional, quality installation, it will give many more years of service. Think about regular cleaning too, as this will help to prolong the life of the soakaway.

Because there are now regulations about the siting of soakaways, we are also often asked to fill in the current installation, and create a new soakaway further away from the house, the nearest road, or the boundary with a neighbour.


Soakaway Maintenance and Unblocking

The first sign that a soakaway is blocked, is water pooling on the surface, and gradually building up. Because they are outside, leaves, twigs, grit and litter can accumulate and block the pipes, or prevent the water from draining efficiently. At No1PHD, we have a lot of experience in unblocking and repairing soakaways that aren’t functioning properly.

To avoid problems, it’s best to clean the soakaway regularly. We use a high pressure water jet to check the flow through the pipes that feed the soakaway. The pressure jet can blast away any debris that is blocking a pipe, and get rid of silt build up. In nearly half of all calls, this process resolves any problems.

However, clogging in a soakaway may become a recurrent problem, and in that case it may be necessary to excavate the soakaway again, and start with a fresh soakaway bed. If this is the case, some owners take the opportunity to fill in the existing soakaway, and excavate a new one, that is in line with current regulations.

Stormwater Crates

These create an underground storage area that can hold excess water and prevent it flooding your property, garden or land. The crates are made of plastic, with a latticework construction to allow the water to pass through in a controlled way to the soakaway.

We will excavate the site, and bury the crate underground, then dig drains or channels which deliver excess water into the crate. An average storm crate can hold about 300 litres of water. We can discuss with you, whether this is a suitable solution for your property, and carry out any necessary installation work.

You may also have a cesspit or  septic tank on your property that have a soakaway – contact us for advice on how these should be installed, repaired, maintained and emptied. Because we deal with the whole range of drainage installations, we’re able to advise on a complete, integrated drainage solution.

Soakaways are in some ways a simple solution, but you need to employ professionals who can accurately calculate the size and emptying rate of the soakaway. Similarly, they need to give accurate advice on location regulations.

Contact No1PHD – Soakaway Experts

We have professional local teams who can advise you on the possible options, and carry out your soakaway installation so that it’s robust, effective and compliant with regulations. Contact us at No1PHD to get in touch with a team that is local to you. Call 08006906777 for immediate service from our soakaway experts.

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