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Drain Structural Coating

When dealing with drains and sewers, which by their very nature are underground, repair work needs to be carefully thought out. It can be tempted to go straight for the most surefire way of fixing a breakage or general wear and tear; excavation and replacement. And while it would certainly put an end to any issues your drains are having, it would involve a lot of disruption and expense that could have been avoided. We prefer to apply our expertise and use the best tools and techniques for the job, and one of those techniques is drain structural coating.

How No1PHD Determine the Best Course of Action

Drains being underground makes diagnosing a fault tricky. In some cases, faults themselves can go unnoticed for great lengths of time. A minor leak from an underground pipe can continue undetected for years! When a problem does arise, or when a drain has been deemed in need of maintenance due to age, No 1 PHD can employ a CCTV survey to determine the internal state of the drain, or even perform a visual inspection in the case of large bore pipes, and from there we can decide if drain structural coating is a good course of action to take.

What is a Drain Structural Coating?

The process of structural coating a drain involves applying a coating to the inner circumference of a drain in situ. This coating, when set, acts as not only protection against leaks and root ingress, but also a structural strengthener, greatly improving the integrity and life of the drain. In some cases, the coating can outlast the pipe itself! And, of course, as the name implies, the coating acts as a great strengthener, improving the structural integrity of the overall drain. No 1 PHD uses the highest quality drain structural coating and fully guarantees our work.

What are the Advantages of Structural Coating?

By far the biggest advantage to drain structural coating is the convenience over other methods that involve drain excavation. The coating can be applied in-situ, making it far less disruptive and much more cost-effective. It is also very effective at repairing drain faults, preventing future faults from developing, and extending the life of the drain significantly. Structural coating is a flexible enough system that corners, bends, and joints are not an issue. In fact, applying the coating can prevent things like root ingress through the joints.


Structural Coating as a Preventative

Structural drain coating can be applied to both steel and concrete pipes providing protection against erosion and corrosion. This makes it a great preventative measure that could be applied as part of a routine maintenance program. After all, maintaining a drain is far more cost-effective and far less disruptive than emergency drain repairs or drain excavation and drain replacement.

What can Structural Coating Prevent?

There are a number of common problems that a drain might face over the course of its life, the risk of many of them is greatly reduced with the application of a structural coating.

  • Root ingress. Sealing up cracks, small holes, and gaps in the joints with structural coating prevents plant roots from finding their way into the drain, where they can cause blockages and exacerbate the damage to the pipe walls.
  • Leakage. Small holes and cracks let water through, and over time this can cause damage to land and property. The structural coating seals up these kinds of defects.
  • Drain collapse. The structural part of “structural coating” ensures that the drain is structurally sound, and will last for far longer than it otherwise would have done.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of issues that structural coating can prevent. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s like fitting an entirely new pipe inside of your old one. But without the hassle of digging the old one up. This is why it’s just as valuable as a preventative as it is for repair work.

Contact No 1 PHD about Drain Structural Coating Today!

If you think you have a problem that drain structural coating might fix (or any problems with your drains, for that matter), or you are considering structural coating as a preventative measure, get in touch with No 1 PHD today on 08006906777 and speak to one of our drainage experts to book an appointment today!

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