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Professional Hydro Cutting by No1PHD

The multitude of benefits provided by hydro cutting (more on that later) over more conventional cutting methods has seen significant growth in demand for this specialist procedure. This process is the perfect way to remove damaged concrete cleanly and efficiently to make way for something new or to just clear the area. To take advantage of these benefits, call No1PHD today to discuss your concrete cutting and removal needs.

What is Hydro Cutting?

Hydro cutting is a method of cutting/removing materials—like concrete—using a high powered water jet instead of a cutting material, such as a saw or cutting disc. Water is forced at very high pressure through a very small nozzle, resulting in a tight jet of water with enough force to cut through concrete and even metal if required. It can be used to remove whole sections of concrete, cut specific segments cleanly away, create holes and even strip a reinforced concrete wall down to its rebar skeleton. If you’re unsure if hydro cutting is the right method for your project, feel free to call us and discuss your needs.

Finesse When You Need It

One of the more significant advantages of hydro cutting is that the process does not put undue stress on the concrete being cut. The high-pressure water leaves a smooth edge (no burrs like with more traditional methods) and can be used to isolate the areas you want cutting. Its cutting path is also not limited, as a cutting disc or blade would be, allowing you to have shaped sections removed that would otherwise be very difficult—or impossible—to achieve. This makes it ideal for removing sections of concrete, rather than just demolishing the whole thing. Of course, it can be used to do that also.

Hard To reach?

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of hydro cutting is the fact that you can get at some awkward locations with it. Something that wasn’t always possible with conventional concrete cutting tools and often necessitated the destruction of surrounding concrete that might otherwise have been left intact. Whether it be at an awkward angle (such as upside down), or just difficult to get to, the hydro cutting has the versatility to handle the task. If you want to make sure it’s up to your task, why not give No1PHD a call?


Advantages of Hydro Cutting

While being able to cut whatever you like neatly is a significant advantage over other methods, it’s not the only reason why hydro cutting might be preferable.

  • It’s not limited to flat concrete. Hydro cutting can tackle curved concrete surfaces just as easily.
  • It’s faster than more conventional methods, saving you both time and money.
  • It’s safer. Not only does hydro cutting allow for operators to keep a safer distance than conventional cutting methods, but it also produces far less dust, reducing the danger to people in the area.
  • As mentioned above, the resultant cut is much neater, and the precision of the cut allows the operator to ensure no structural integrity is compromised (at least, not before it was meant to be).

Accurate Demolition

As well as being able to cut more fluidly (pun intended) than with conventional methods, it’s also possible to dial in the depth at which a hydro cutter will cut through. One example of where this would come in handy is in removing the surface of a concrete floor. In this case, the new, lower surface would be rough and craggy, making it ideal for resurfacing. This process is far more efficient than the more traditional jackhammer method. So if you’re thinking about resurfacing a concrete area, whether it be a private driveway or a workshop floor, call No1PHD and ask us about hydro cutting and any of our commercial services.

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The advantages of hydro cutting concrete over more conventional concrete cutting methods are clear. If you want to take advantage of the great time and money savings that can be had from this technology, call No1PHD today on 08006906777 and talk to our hydro cutting specialists. Alternatively email us at,

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