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Drain Lining Services

Drains, like everything in life, age. And with that ageing comes cracks, water infiltration, and general damage. Drain lining is one way to combat that damage, and No1PHD  Limited have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Replacing drains is, of course, an option when dealing with cracked and otherwise broken drain pipes. But it’s not the only option. Drain lining can be just as effective while being considerably less disruptive than having to have full drain excavation work carried out. The results are reliable and cost-effective, and can even leave your drain pipes more structurally sound than they were to begin with. Contact No1PHD Limited to discuss drain lining with one of our specialists.

Do I Need Drain Lining?

It can be difficult to tell if you need drain lining without specialist equipment. If you happen to have an exposed drain pipe and you can see cracks, then it’s a safe bet that lining your pipes would be a beneficial move to take. If, as is more likely the case, your pipes are underground and out of sight, you will usually have to wait until a problem develops before being sure you need to take action. Drain lining can typically be expected to have a lifetime of around 40-50 years, so if you know your drains haven’t been relined in that amount of time, it’s probably time to call No1PHD Limited and have an expert take a look. We can inspect your pipe internally via a CCTV survey, allowing us to see if your drains need relining without having to excavate them.

How Does Drain Lining Work?

When we line a drain, we first insert the liner material into the drain pipe. Once it is in position, we essentially “inflate” the liner using water or air pressure, pushing it outwards towards the inner walls of the drain pipe. The liner then moulds to the inner wall of the drain, covering any cracks and small holes, and is then left to cure. Once the liner has set it is very durable, and could even last longer than the pipe itself! It is also seamless, meaning no opportunity for plant roots to ingress. And, as with all No1PHD Limited services, our work is of the highest quality and fully guaranteed.

The Benefits of Drain Lining

In situations where drain lining is sufficient to deal with the issue at hand, the benefits over other repair methods—such as excavation and replacement—are stark;

  • Far less disruptive. Most of the time, drain lining doesn’t require any excavation, which means less disruption to the surrounding area, not to mention your daily routine.
  • Quicker. The average time it takes to line a drain is far less than any repair that involves excavation. In some cases, drain lining can be completed in just a few hours. Though it will still need time to cure before it can be used again.
  • Cost effective. Drain lining is far lower cost than replacing drain pipes or any other repair that involves excavation.
  • Reliable. In many cases, the lining used can be so reliable that it will likely outlive the pipe it is lining! It is essentially the process of creating a new pipe inside the old pipe.
  • Resilient. Drain lining significantly reduces the risk of damaging events such as root ingress, due to their being no joints or seams where a root might force its way through.

With these points in mind, it’s hard to justify not opting for drain lining over other repair methods, except in cases where replacement is the only viable option. A No1PHD Limited expert will be able to guide you in making these kinds of decisions.


Patch Lining

When it comes to smaller drains, a full drain lining may be a little overkill. Patch lining is, broadly speaking, the same process, but scaled down for smaller, easier to reach pipes. In this case, the resin liner is wrapped around an inflatable stopper, which is used to press the liner into the outer walls of the pipe. Once cured, the stopper is deflated and removed. As with drain lining, patch lining is often stronger than the pipe it is being used to repair.

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