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Gas Wall Heaters

Heating is a necessity in UK homes and homeowners have several alternatives from which to consider. Gas wall heaters are some of the appliances that you can install in your home to meet heating demands. As the name suggests, a wall heater is a unit installed inside or on walls. Wall heaters are practical solutions with the initial cost being very competitive compared to a central heating system. The effectiveness of the appliance depends on the type and installation. As with any other heating unit, you need qualified experts to set it up. At No1PHD, gas wall heaters are some of the heating solutions we provide. We have a full suite of heating services that ensure homeowners have safe, functional and efficient appliances in their homes.

Why Install Gas Wall Heaters?

Central heating and cooling systems make sense for most people for obvious reasons. For one, they serve the entire house. In various instances, however, wall heaters make sense.

Firstly, they are less pricey than boilers. Wall heaters make it possible for people with limited means to get heating without going into debt. No1PHD supplies wall heaters at competitive prices. We have the appliances in different sizes and fuel efficiencies to cater to varying budgets. Customers can expect high-performance products sourced from reputable manufacturers.

With a gas wall furnace, users don’t have to worry about power interruptions. You only have to ensure that the appliance has sufficient fuel for operation. If you live in a place with power outages or scarce electricity, a gas wall heater is a sound investment.

Wall furnaces are compact, making them ideal for low heating demands if you only want to heat one room, a small office or apartment. The appliance doesn’t eat valuable space. We have experienced heating appliances installation experts who know where to fit the unit to get the best out of it.

Some units are portable, meaning that if the need arises, you can transfer the heater from one room to another without astronomical removal and re-installation costs.

A natural gas heater is more eco-friendly than an electric one. For a homeowner looking to minimise the energy consumption of the central heating system, a gas wall furnace is ideal. You can use the unit for supplemental heating in your home. For example, if your living room and high heating demands that overwork the primary heating appliance, a gas wall heater can help.

Installation of Gas Wall Heaters

Due to its uncomplicated construction, a gas wall heater is easy to install, which is another way to save money. Modern gas wall furnaces don’t require the installation of a ventilation system, which reduces the work and space required during set up. Wall heaters come with some safety concerns, especially when attached to the outside of the wall. Our installation experts undergo rigorous training to keep them knowledgeable about such issues.

We ensure that your gas wall heater installation meets the necessary safety regulations. Our installers are well informed on the latest rules, depending on the type of property, region and appliance. We go further to give tips to our clients about the operation and maintenance of wall-mounted gas heaters to minimise safety hazards.


Maintenance and Repair

A gas wall heater requires care and attention as any other appliance. Even though the unit doesn’t do a lot of heating, it can suffer wear and tear with prolonged use. The same issues central heating systems face apply to wall heaters. Your unit can have a broken thermostat, ventilation challenges or damaged thermocouple, among other problems. No1PHD offers a range of heating appliance maintenance and repair services. Wall furnaces are some of our specialities. Our technicians are trained to fix a broad variety of wall heaters.

Our emergency heating services are the perfect solution when you need professional assistance urgently. We post excellent response times and are available 24/7 for whatever heating problem you might be dealing with.

Gas wall heaters are great appliances to use for indoor heating. However, you need to find the right appliance, set it up correctly and provide the necessary maintenance. No1PHD make all this uncomplicated.

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Our technicians can install, service and repair your gas wall heater. We also supply genuine gas wall furnaces in different sizes, designs and materials.

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After noticing that the house was unusually cold, we found that the heating wasn’t coming on and that our hot water had also failed. We called the team at No 1 PHD who dispatched an engineer to investigate. After discovering that the culprit was a faulty boiler part, they ordered in a new part and got it fitted as quickly as possible. The guys were great, and we couldn’t be happier.

Mr Lincoln

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For days, we’ve noticed a foul smell coming from outside and a gurgling sound coming from one of the drains. Whenever it would rain, the area around it would flood slightly and take ages to drain. We tried buying drain unblockers, but none seemed effective. Eventually, we turned to No 1 PHD and were left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

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