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Are you looking for a highly accredited team of drainage specialists that provide a nationwide service? Then look no further than No1PHD as we provide a full suite of services geared towards tackling blocked drains and more. Calling No1PHD means never having to deal with a callout charge – we don’t think it’s right that you should have to pay us for simply turning up. Whatever issue you’re experiencing with your drains, it’ll be taken care of by our trained professionals. 

We promise a fast and friendly service with satisfaction guaranteed. And with multiple payment options available, you won’t find yourself suddenly out of pocket. For the best national company consisting of local plumbers and drainage specialists, you simply cannot go wrong with No1PHD. To enquire further about your drains, pick up the phone and give our specialist team a call today on 08006 906 777. We are continuing to work in a safe manner regarding COVID-19 risk management. 

The Number One Drainage Company  

When it comes to taking care of blocked drains, we’re immensely proud of our reputation as one of the top drainage companies in the country. Our glowing reputation speaks for itself – we are undoubtedly the number one drainage company, renowned for our commitment to assuring satisfaction guaranteed. We always work closely with our customers, ensuring they receive a stellar service from beginning to end. 

Our impressive array of services covers everything, from CCTV drain surveys to unblocking drains and even repairing and relining them. Whether you’re experiencing a minor blockage or a drain that’s completely out of commission, you can trust No1PHD to provide the necessary fix at a price that’s very affordable. Being the number one drainage company, it’s only logical that we’d have only skilled specialists work on our customers’ drains. 

All our employees are DBS-checked, carry ID, are fully insured, vetted, and qualified for your peace of mind. We’ve detailed the services they provide below. Alternatively, you can contact No1PHD at any time if you have any questions or concerns. 

How Our Drainage Company Can Help You  

From a 1-bed flat to a large block of flats or office spaces, every building requires a fully functional drainage system. Drains are vital for carrying water and waste away from the property, preventing either of these from building up. Should any problems occur with the drains or pipes, the consequences can range from a minor inconvenience to property damage and compromised living/ working conditions. Dealing with issues related to drains is not always straightforward. 

Fortunately, that’s where No1PHD can help. Our team is fully equipped and trained to tackle any issue concerning drains, from simple blockages to pipework that’s literally collapsed. We provide professional services intended to restore your drains and pipework to full working order in no time. And with multiple payment options available and no callout charges to worry about, fixing your drains won’t see you out of pocket. 

Professional Drainage Contractors  

Our team comprises professional drainage contractors with years of experience in fixing and servicing drains all over the UK. Our employees are fully vetted, qualified, and certified, and all are DBS-checked and carry IDs for your peace of mind. While we maintain an excellent track record, things can go wrong from time to time. When they do, you shouldn’t be the one left footing the bill. The good news is that our drainage contractors are covered by public liability insurance. 

This means that if anything goes wrong, we’ll ensure that the problem is dealt with at no extra cost to you. Blocked drains can occur for a whole host of reasons, and our team are trained to deal with them all. And should further work be required to restore your drains to full working order, know that we’re happy to oblige. 


The Drainage Services We Offer  

To ensure the health and performance of your drains, we provide a range of services, including: 

Drain Jetting  

Drains can become blocked for a whole host of reasons, from soap scum and hair to food debris, leaves, twigs, and other debris. Serious blockages require a lot more force to shift, and that’s where drain jetting comes in. Drain jetting is a process whereby water is pushed through the pipe at pressures high enough to dislodge the blockage. The force of the water is such (up to 4,000 psi) that it can blast away even the most hardened blockage, flushing it out of the pipe, so it can’t become stuck once more. 

The beauty of this method is that it also cleans the pipework, removing any fats, oils, and grease (FOG) as well as any other sludge deposits. It also shifts any debris that might be left stuck to the pipe, leaving a clear, free-flowing pipe. Because it cleans the pipework as well, any foul odours are dealt with. And because no chemicals are needed, drain jetting is eco-friendly. 

Drain Rodding  

Drain rodding is a specialist technique that’s typically employed for emergencies. It’s ideal for blockages located near a drain or manhole cover and is intended to remove congested blockages, using several different cutting tools to break down the blockage. This particular method is especially useful for tree root removal. While drain jetting can remove tree roots, it’s less effective. Drain rodding is often carried out before drain jetting as a way to soften up the congestion before blasting it away. 

Surface water drains carry rainwater away from a building’s gutters. These systems are susceptible to compacted leaves, soil, and other garden debris but are also prime candidates for drain rodding. Similarly, foul water drains which are designed for household waste from kitchens and bathrooms can also become blocked. These drains tend to be blocked by FOG as well as soap scum, hair, disposable paper products, etc. Once again, drain rodding is an excellent solution. 

Unblock Drains  

Drain unblocking is a vital service that we’re pleased to offer. Drains can become blocked for a whole host of reasons, and the location of the drain usually dictates what causes the blockage. For instance, external drains are far more likely to be blocked by compacted leaves, twigs, plant matter, and litter. Whereas internal drains are likely to be blocked by things such as: 

  • Hair 
  • Soap Scum 
  • Food Debris 
  • Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) 
  • Toilet Paper 
  • Wet Wipes and Sanitary Products 

The above is by no means an exhaustive list, and the causes differ depending on whether the blocked drain is situated in the kitchen, bathroom, utility rooms, etc. 

Whatever the case may be, you can trust that the team at No1PHD have what it takes to rectify blockages quickly, restoring drains to full functionality in no time. 

Leak Detection  

The majority of pipework is run behind walls or under floorboards, making leak detection a tricky business. Even a minor leak can cause mayhem, such as spoiling of paintwork or plaster, mould, structural rotting, unpleasant odours, etc. Occasionally, staining can betray the location of leaking pipes, but this is hardly a precise method. If you suspect leaks are present in your home, the best course of action is to call No1PHD . 

The average house contains at least four drains, all connected by a labyrinth of pipes that direct the water where it needs to go. Often, when a leak occurs, it’s tiny, so it’s tempting to put off having it fixed. Even a small leak can do a lot of damage. Besides rotting wood, staining, and mould, a leak can also cause electrical circuits to short out. This can even present a possible fire hazard or electrical hazard that could prove dangerous. 

At No1PHD, we possess specialist equipment that enables us to track down leaks using infrared technology, acoustic methods, and more. No matter how small the leak might be or where it’s located, we’ll have it tracked down and fixed as quickly as possible. 

Emergency 24hr Drainage Services

Issues with your drains can occur at any time, so it’s a comfort to know that help is always just a phone call away. At No1PHD, we make ourselves available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Say you’ve come home late to find your kitchen flooded or your toilet suddenly overflows at three in the morning. Just pick up the phone, and a member of our team will be at your property in no time to provide a quick fix to whatever is plaguing your drains. 


More Than Just a Drainage Company  

We’ve discussed our drainage services at length, but you’ll also be delighted to hear that we offer more than just support with your drains. We also specialise in all aspects of heating services, plumbing services, and commercial services. Whatever you need our help with, rest assured that No1PHD  has you covered. 

Heating Services

A fully functional heating system is necessary to ensure a steady supply of heat and hot water. Ensuring that your system remains fully operational is important to maintain comfortable living conditions. At No1PHD, we boast a flexible team with a plethora of skills when it comes to working with heating setups. From repairs and maintenance to installations, we will provide you with a bespoke and affordable service that’s fully certified. 

If your heating system is acting up, we can provide a rapid-fast response, and one of our engineers will get the situation remedied as soon as possible. Regular maintenance is also essential to ensure that your heating system remains fully operational. From radiator repair and flushing to boiler servicing, we can keep your heating setup in excellent working order. 

And if any part of your heating system needs replacing, know that we’re the team to call. We’re backed by years of experience and have overhauled and replaced heating systems in properties of all sizes right across the UK. 

Plumbing Services

As with heating systems, plumbing is a vital component that all buildings depend on. Whether you have a small issue concerning your sink, toilet, heating system, or something bigger, you can count on us to help. If a problem occurs, our plumbers can be onsite in a very short space of time. We’re able to tackle requests of all sizes, so whatever situation you find yourself dealing with, know that we have the right solution. 

Not only do we handle repair requests, but our team can also handle installation requests, from new taps or an entirely new sink to a complete bathroom or kitchen transformation. Perhaps you’re moving into a new property and want to ensure everything is up to code. Or maybe you’re sick and tired of a bathroom or kitchen that’s seen better days or isn’t up to your liking. Perhaps you’d like to install a new feature you’ve always wanted. 

Whatever the request might be, rest assured that we are here to provide quick and efficient service from beginning to end. 

Commercial Services

Besides our suite of domestic services, we’re also proud to be the go-to drainage, plumbing, and heating specialist in the UK. Commercial properties can be greatly affected by the above issues, resulting in prolonged downtime that can often be more costly than the repairs. Fortunately, we’ve developed a range of services and assembled a crack team, ensuring that your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Our trained and highly knowledgeable specialists can perform a range of tasks, ranging from fixing leaking pipes to repairing busted boilers, correcting electrical issues, and more. We can handle tasks ranging from gas repairs, testing, and certificates to pest control, legionnaire risk assessments, landlord property maintenance, sewer services, etc. 

A multitude of different clients utilises our services daily, including: 

  • Hotels 
  • Bars and Restaurants 
  • Offices 
  • Retail Outlets 
  • Leisure Centres 
  • And More 

Regardless of the industry that your business operates in, if you require assistance, you can count on our commercial team to be there night and day.  

Why Choose Our Drainage Company?  

No1PHD are a national company of local plumbers and drainage experts. We have the backing of a large business but remain committed to delivering the personal service customers expect from a small, independent plumber or heating specialist. Over the years, we’ve built up a stellar reputation, having completed thousands of job requests, exceed our customers’ satisfaction in the process. Thanks to our extensive capabilities, clients know that they can come to us for virtually anything, from a blocked drain to a brand-new bathroom. 

As a company, we’re proud members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Membership of such a prestigious organisation is obtained by demonstrating an impeccable approach to customer service, quality workmanship, and excellent value for money. Therefore, our FSB membership should fill customers with confidence that they’ve chosen a trusted contractor. We’re also proud to have our efforts demonstrated through Trustpilot. 

If you would like to know more about what makes No1PHD the number one drainage, plumbing, and heating specialists in the UK, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Before you do, make sure you cast your eye over our testimonials linked below. 

Contact Us  

Are you experiencing issues with your drains? Whether you’re contending with leaking sewage, a flooded home, or something as simple as a slow draining sink, we can help. It should be obvious by now that there’s very little that we can’t handle here at No1PHD when it comes to any requests concerning drains. Our drainage specialists are more than delighted to discuss your requirements at length, so make sure to get in touch with us if you need help with your drains. 

The quickest and easiest way to get in contact with us is to give us a call on 08006 906 777. If you’d prefer to get in touch using a written method, you can do so by filling out our online contact form or emailing Both channels are monitored regularly, so you can expect a rapid-fast response from a member of our team concerning your request. 


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After noticing that the house was unusually cold, we found that the heating wasn’t coming on and that our hot water had also failed. We called the team at No 1 PHD who dispatched an engineer to investigate. After discovering that the culprit was a faulty boiler part, they ordered in a new part and got it fitted as quickly as possible. The guys were great, and we couldn’t be happier.

Mr Lincoln

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For days, we’ve noticed a foul smell coming from outside and a gurgling sound coming from one of the drains. Whenever it would rain, the area around it would flood slightly and take ages to drain. We tried buying drain unblockers, but none seemed effective. Eventually, we turned to No 1 PHD and were left wondering why we didn’t do this sooner.

Mrs Griffin

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